How Does Video Chat Help in Better Customer Service and Engagement?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is everything. Using video chat for customer support allows for faster responses, which increases customer satisfaction and brand credibility. Businesses at the top of the list of customer service are now closer to their customers than ever before. It is due to the rise in video chat for customer service needs. 

Video Chat App has the potential to provide real-time communication and exceptional customer service experiences, resulting in increased brand engagement and loyalty. Clients can use the Video API and Video SDK to connect with customer service agents in real time and get answers to their questions quickly. Video chat has largely replaced reactive customer support channels due to the benefits it provides. 

Let’s discuss how vital voice and video chat technology are for providing excellent customer service and reducing customer churn.

Without further ado, let’s delve in!

So, How Do Businesses Make Use of Video?

Here are some of the most common ways businesses use video chat to enhance customer service and experience:


Telehealth has long been used by healthcare providers. For instance: when performing a procedure or speaking with a patient, rural physicians would rely on live video call API. However, the pandemic facilitated the rapid growth in video chat service offerings with physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other providers. Furthermore, virtual agents in the form of healthcare experts who diagnose issues remotely via video calls are on the rise. It is likely to persist due to the benefits of convenience, productivity, and the ability to limit the spread of contagious illnesses.

Remote Education

Video serves as a lifeline for educational institutions at all levels. Without it, they would be unable to provide any courses because they cancel in-person classes due to the risk of spreading Covid-19. Video classes help educate students while keeping athletes, musicians, clubs, and faculty engaged and connected. Many people still believe that it will continue for years because it gives students location flexibility and increases universities’ ability to reach new students.

Investment Guidance

Financial service providers have used video contact centers to serve customers in banking and investment advisory services. As the markets crashed at the start of the pandemic, many investment advisers and their clients required a meeting to strategize. They couldn’t go into an office, so video served as a suitable substitute.

Technical Assistance

Those who are having difficulty installing or assembling products can use video calling API to get live customer support on the issue, allowing the customer support team to see what the customer is seeing. This video chat allows for faster, more effective responses while increasing customer satisfaction.

Insurance Claims

Customers can use video applications to show live agents the damage to their homes, cars, or property. Customers can also make video recordings and upload them for later viewing, reducing the need for an in-person adjuster visit.

Not every use case generally requires the need to maintain low-latency levels, but if your business is involved in real-time communications or live streaming, you must ensure that your data streaming comes under the ultra-low latency category.

Security firms are reporting an increase in a range of cybersecurity threats. However, the good news is that a wide range of video security solutions, including AES encryption, are available to protect your content from cybersecurity threats.

The Benefits of Video-Enabled Customer Engagement

Some of the benefits of video-enabled customer engagement are as follows:

  • Closing Sales

The ability of video chat to help close sales is its most significant area of success. On average, businesses use video in 8,425 sales calls per year. Small businesses with fewer than 250 employees pay $1,286; large businesses with more than 2,500 employees pay $14,409. Customer experience leaders reported that video helped them close sales in 38.9% of their video calls, generating an average of $6.9 million to $60.8 million in new revenue.

  • Hiring New Employees

Employees are the first customers of a company. The ability to reduce hiring time by conducting video calls allows new employees to put their trust in the company they will be working for and provide them with a positive employee experience right away, which is especially important during a pandemic when people are afraid to go outside. This positive employee experience filters down to the customer.

  • Agent Productivity

Video calling API and SDK enhance agent productivity in several ways. They can handle the client’s problem more quickly and move on to the next conversation. Organizations that offer higher-end services, such as wealth management or travel, can use video to provide their customers with a more engaging and personalized experience.

The Potential Benefits of Video Chat

Here are a few potential benefits of video chat:

  • Builds a Personal Touch

First and foremost, video chat adds a personal touch to your business. Customers are more likely to become and remain loyal brand advocates when they communicate with a live person, especially if your video chat solutions provide faster resolutions than phone calls or emails.

  • Lowers Business Costs

Virtual contact centers are undoubtedly less expensive than physical office locations for providing face-to-face customer service. When you provide excellent customer service, you are more likely to succeed in the business because you are improving the customer support experience. Video chats enable your business to provide exceptional customer service from anywhere.

  • Boosts Online Sales

Customers who are familiar with a product’s features and benefits are more likely to buy it. They can get immediate assistance via video chat, eliminating the need for multiple touchpoints. Customers who use video chat to communicate with customer service representatives are more likely to improve their first contact resolution. All of these actions lead to increased brand engagement and a loyal following.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

Customers who use video chat to communicate with customer service representatives remain focused and present during their call. Customers are more likely to be satisfied because they believe their opinions are being heard accurately. Because they eliminate the frustration of calls or chat features, video chats are the best way to go in high-stress situations where customers need to be calmed down.

  • Personalized Services

Video chat is ideal for businesses looking to provide personalized customer experiences. The medium of video provides a nearly identical experience to being in a physical store. An agent can provide personalized recommendations and advice to customers on any device and from any location.

  • Technical Integration

Companies that provide large and small office phone systems can integrate CRMs with video chat features to provide a seamless customer experience. Customers dislike having to repeat themselves to multiple agents, so knowing their history is critical for providing exceptional customer service. The use of API Integration and the knowledge about Angular vs React is beneficial in order to offer video chat as a proactive option for customer service inquiries. 

However, to keep your video chat app up to date with the modern features your users expect, you’ll need new technologies and modules. To accomplish this, your frameworks and libraries should be compatible with the updates and releases.

The Final Notes

To stay competitive, providing excellent customer service is no longer optional. Customers prefer video chat for communication, so providing it keeps your company ahead of the competition. Businesses that use a multichannel communications strategy are more likely to win new customers now and in the future. Why wait? Connect your customers in a way to increase their satisfaction, as well as the efficiency and revenue of your company.

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