11 Hacks to Accessorizing Right on Every Occasion  

If you can get your accessories right, you can elevate your overall look even with a very Basic outfit. This does not mean that you invest a lot in getting the right accessories (the right accessories are a myth!) it just means that you should know how to use your accessories in the right way. We have come up with some tried and testified hacks to accessorize correctly, and these tips will help you elevate your daily wardrobe (even celebrities vouch for these hacks!)

Define your waist right

The combo of white crop top and pants/jeans is a classic and a full-proof ensemble when you do not really care about what you are wearing. But then, if you really want to bring it all together, you can add a belt to your bottoms. This will give a definition to your waist and accentuate your outfit. 

There is a Reason for Gold Being a Classic

You can add a piece of gold jewelry, be it a bracelet, a ring, or a layered necklace, to your dress and instantly become noticeable! The shiny metal goes well with almost all kinds of outfits and makes you look classy, even with a basic outfit. 

Go-to Headbands

You do not need to think twice before styling your hair with a cool headband. Right from curly to straight hair types, headbands work magic with all kinds of hair types, plus you can wear them with any casual outfit. A tip: go for broad headbands with shades of hue. 

Wear Your Shirts & Watches 

Oversized shirts look absolutely classy on girls, just that you need to wear them right; always remember to fold your shirt sleeves to a quarter length and wear a metal watch in one hand. You can also leave the top button open and show off your boldness in style. 

Go Contrast with your Bags

This is a very simple hack where you play with colors and shades; if you are wearing a dull & light color outfit, then pair your outfit with a bold color classy bag (it can be a clutch or a sling). This contrast brings a balance to your appearance. 

Footwears Can Make or Break Your Game

With footwear, always go for a pair that is currently in trend. Your footwear need not cost you exorbitantly because you can find a plethora of great & cost-effective options at various online stores. Just remember that the right footwear helps you finish your look, just perfect. 

Dazzle with Dangles 

A long dangle or a cluster on your ears adds a punch to your whole look. Hoops look bold & stylish and a stud adds a hint of elegance to your appearance. Pick your earrings as per the occasion and you will stand apart in the crowd. 

Sunglasses are a Classic 

Sunglasses are never only for summer; don them in whatever season you want and look your best! Sometimes you need to add an element to your ensemble without going over the board; well, those are the times when you should just go for Cat-eye sunglasses or aviator sunglasses.

Sometimes we feel following fashion trends is going out of the budget. You can always use coupons & deals to get best discounted price on online shopping.

Jackets for Shoulders

There is no denying the fact that jackets on shoulders look way classier than actually wearing them the way they are supposed to be worn. You can do this with a pair of cute skirts & tops, or jeans & t-shirt. This style is also super-functional because sometimes you need a layer around you but also not overheat yourself; jackets on your shoulders come in super handy for all such occasions. 

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Scarf

Carrying a scarf around your neck always accentuates your whole look (and I am not talking just about winter). There are hundreds of ways of wearing a scarf, and there are many options of scarves available online. In short, you can experiment immensely with your look, with just a small piece of cloth. 

Time to Wear Metallic Sandals

This is one of the easiest hacks in getting your accessories right. Sometimes you just cannot pair your footwear, right? These are the times when you should not think twice before donning a good pair of metallic sandals. These look perfect with a casual outfit, with jeans and even bodycon. 


These hacks would definitely help you plan your ensembles for various events. Having said that, I would still conclude by saying, “always wear a smile on your face and carry confidence in your walk” because you can never go wrong with these two timeless hacks. 

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