Essential Business Tools Every Small Business Needs

Owning your own business that grows from humble beginnings to a success story is the American dream. That’s why there are about 32.5 million small businesses registered in the United States.

Many of those small businesses never make it more than a couple of years before closing their doors. How do you make sure your business doesn’t join that statistic?

We put together a quick guide with the best small business tools to help ensure success. Keep reading to find out which tools you need in your business’ toolbox today!

Analytic Business Tools

One of the best gifts you can give your company is the ability to get valuable insight into the health of the business. Google has one of the best online tools for this purpose called Google Analytics.

Google gathers all kinds of data to give you feedback about things like site traffic and customer demographics. The best part is that Google makes everything easy to read. Even for those small business owners without a business degree!

Lead Generation Tools

When you’re trying to start a business, finding the right customers isn’t always easy. Using a lead generation tool can help you build a buzz about your company with the type of people who may want to know about it.

Some tools focus on generating leads with individuals while others are b2b prospecting tools. Keep this in mind so you know which tool to use to find the right customer base.


Back in the old days, workers would need to carry around many devices because you had different documents and files on each device. Now, you can use the power of the cloud with DropBox to keep all your files and documents together and you can access them from any convenient device.

Website Host Platform

One of the most essential tools for a business is a website hosting platform. Having a professional-looking website that works well builds confidence in your customers before they even buy anything!

Many new business owners love servers like Go Daddy because of the easy-to-use templates and widgets you can add to give your website extra pizazz. Plus, they offer 24-hour support if you get stuck late at night trying to figure something out.

Thinking Big to Grow Your Small Business

When you’re starting a business it’s easy to get caught up with the present. But, you also want to think about the future. If not, you may not adapt well enough.

Keep this article in mind as you choose your tools. That way you know you have the bases covered and you gave your business the best chance of success.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned everything you need to know about small business tools. If you’re looking for more helpful articles about business, technology, and more, check out the rest of our blog today!

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