The Top 5 FREE Open World Car Games

One of the staples of console and PC games is the open world adventure. Having a massive world to explore freely is intoxicatingly powerful, and thus has been the industry standard going back to the early Grand Theft Auto games.

But, open world games aren’t just exclusive to the powerful video game boxes in our houses. There are also car games made by talented developers that feature large open spaces, and the most successful ones can be enjoyed for free at Drifted

What follows is a list of the Top 5 Open World Car Games that are available on If any of them strike your fancy, go ahead and give them a try!

5. Real Stunts Drift Car Driving 3D

The first car game on this list is a game that is focused on simple fun. With decent graphics and hilarious physics, you can drive a ferrari through a large open map and pull off stunts. Every successful stunt earns you points, which can be exchanged for a number of upgrades.

With your earnings, you can unlock up to 10 unique cars, as well as different maps featuring different locations for you to zip around in.

4. Unbounded

Unbounded is a Midnight Club-style driving game with impressive graphics and advanced multiplayer features. You can get behind the wheel of one of several different cars, from GTRs to overpowered supercars.

Explore the street light lit streets and earn money to purchase upgrades for your vehicles, making them more efficient and fun to drive. You can also purchase different parts and accessories to customize your rides.

3. Police Stunt Cars

This next game is similar in structure to previous games on this list, but it makes a few critical changes that make it stand out. First, Police Stunt Cars has several large, open maps full of stunts and things to do. Unlike other games, all of these maps are unlocked from the beginning and chosen at will.

The game also has several cars you can drive, all of which are assigned to the 0-9 keys on your keyboard. Simply pressing these buttons will switch you to that car in a flash. Whether you play as a cop car, an armored vehicle, or a simple truck, you’ll have plenty of fun in Police Stunt Cars.

2. Paco Stunt Cars

Paco Stunt Cars is one of the most fully-featured games on the entire Drifted website. It has a number of awesome features, plenty of cars, and hundreds of ways to have fun in its huge open map.

This game is more of a simulator than an arcade experience, which means some actions have consequences. For instance, if you increase your car’s power too much or alter the car’s stance in an unstable way, the car’s wheels and frame will not be able to sustain it.

1. Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Finally, we have Madalin Stunt Cars 3, one of the flagship games on This game has incredible graphics, three awesome maps full of crazy stunts, and dozens of cars for you to try out and customize. If you want to play arguably the best game on, this is it.

If you enjoyed these games, you should also check out the other gaming categories on We recommend the Drifting Games and Simulator Games categories.

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