kickassanime rwby volume 8 episode 14

This week’s kickassanime is RWBY Volume 8 Episode 14 – “A Better World”. This episode sees the team of students and teachers fighting against an army of Grimm led by a new, powerful villain.

If you’re looking for a thrilling episode of anime to watch, then look no further than this week’s kickassanime!

Volume 8

Hello everyone! Episode 8 of kickassanime RWBY volume has finally arrived and as always, it was a blast. This week we have some great fights between our heroes as they continue to grow and learn more about themselves. We also get a little more backstory on Qrow Branwen which was much needed.

We also have another great video from the Rooster Teeth crew this week where they talk about animating the fight between Penny and Velvet. They give some great tips for anyone who wants to animate their own fight scenes. And lastly, we have a new song from Jaxx called “Savior” which is an amazing track that you will definitely want to check out.

So what are you waiting for? Check out episode 8 of kickassanime RWBY volume now and enjoy!

Episode 14

Volume 4 of the kickass anime series RWBY is now available to stream on Netflix!

This latest installment of the kickass anime series follows Team RWBY as they continue their journey to discover their true powers and save the world from an evil organization known as the White Fang.

Volume 4 of RWBY is now available to stream on Netflix, so be sure to check it out!


In this episode of kickassanime rwby volume 8, Emerald and Mercury team up to take on the most powerful Huntsman yet – Adam. However, when they infiltrate his stronghold they quickly realize that he is not as alone as they thought he was.

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