Can I Use Voice Search Strategy to Bring My Business on the First Page of Google?

The orthodox SEO strategies were all about images, keywords, and headlines. But now voice search is also essential for any SEO strategy. The answer to the question “Can I use Voice search for my business?” is a big YES. The majority of the business owners don’t even consider the voice search options while creating a marketing strategy. With the increase in smartphone users, voice search is also getting stronger. The audience uses voice searches as it is convenient and saves time. The use of voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa has grown considerably. The reason behind the popularity of this feature is that it enhances the user experience. In this guest post, we will try to understand voice search and how it can bring your business to the first page of Google. 

Understanding Voice Search

The voice search is a dialogue system. Now the question arises what is a dialogue system?

A dialogue system is a computer setup that can interact with humans. It uses several modes of communication like texts, speech, gestures, etc. Every dialogue system consists of some features. It also has a dialogue manager. With the advancement in technology, we have created flawless dialogue systems. The voice search devices use Automatic Speech Recognition for input. It also includes Text To Speech for sharing the result. A voice search device takes an input, converts it to a meaningful input, detects the language, and then will highlight the keywords to give you an output. 

Reasons Behind The Success of Voice Search

The voice search can be handy in situations when you are not able to type. You can get an answer to your query without even touching your device. Here are some more reasons behind the success of this strategy.

  • It’s all about Speed

The speed offered by voice search is far more than any conventional search option. Along with the speed, it is also easy to use. You don’t have to type long queries. Just spell whatever you are thinking about and you will get an answer. 

  • Conversational

Keywords for voice search are more meaningful and long. You will ask a question as if you are conversing with another human being. This makes it more conversational. You give more information to generate keywords and the search engine can provide you with the best results. 

  • Find Things Near You

The most asked questions on the voice search are “near me” questions. Hence it is easy and comfortable to find things nearby you. People look for places they can visit or a restaurant. You can get quick results from voice searches. 

  • On point

The design and structure of voice search are in such a way that it provides you with accurate and on-point results. You can get amazing information at the top of the page. It is designed this way because people using voice search must be busy with some other task. They might be coking or driving, hence it is important to deliver information as quickly as possible. The snippets will be read by a voice assistant which means you don’t even have to look at your screen to get results. 

Strategies That Can Be a Game Changer for You

Now as you are aware of voice search. You can make an accurate strategy to optimize your website’s SEO for the voice search. These are some tips you can follow to get the best result.

  • Know your Customers

Not every person is similar to the other. Hence everyone will use voice search differently. Therefore it is important to know your audience if you want to give them the best information about your business. For instance, younger people use voice search pretty often. But older people are not keen to use this feature. Also, everyone doesn’t have the same devices. Hence your data must be optimized for every other device. 

To gather the information you can divide voice search into the following categories- finding any address, finding working hours, finding the distance from a business, and getting a phone number. They can be further grouped into three categories. If the user is looking for a type of business then it will be a discovery query. If the user wants to get a specific service or information about a business then it is a direct query. If the user is looking for an answer about that business then it will be a knowledge query.

  • Structure Your Content

 The query asked by the user is more informational. They will talk to a voice assistant as if they are talking to another human. Hence their questions will be long and detailed. You must analyze your content thoroughly. You should structure your content while keeping these factors in mind. If you want to rank higher then the answers must be short and precise. The average length of a voice search answer is 29 words. You can include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about a product or a service. These FAQs are precise and short. They will be perfect for voice search. Also, use pointers to break your content into smaller pieces. 

  • Categorize your page

You can use Schema Markup to categorize your page. You can know about your page and the questions answered by it. Schema is an add-on that can be used as a label for web crawlers. Categorizing your page will help you to optimize SEO and the page will be visible. This will increase the engagement of your website. Certain free tools can be used as a substitute for Schema Markup. 

  • Mobile Friendly

The smartphone is the device used by the majority of the audience. If your site is not optimized for a smartphone then you will miss out on the majority of the audience. It’s your responsibility to ensure less load time, precise information, and ease to find.

Let Your Business Be Heard

Now as you know that voice search can your business on the first page of Google. You can also look here for social media for restaurants. Follow these strategies to grow your business. 

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