Planning To Use Outdoor Paving Tiles? Choose One from These Types

When it comes to making improvements in the outdoor area of a home, few things can beat the practical quality and aesthetics of outdoor paving tiles. Whether it is by the poolside or on patios, a unique touch of elegance and class can be added to your home with these types of tiles – which makes them a must for use.

However, it is not an easy task to find the best kind of tiles for your outdoor area. 

Below, the article highlights some of the best choice options when planning to use outdoor paving tiles. Here are the types one by one-


This type of natural paving stone comes in beautiful black or grey tones. Granite is reasonably quite easy for anyone to work with, although it is the least porous and hardest of natural stones available out there.

Due to this reason, granite is perfect as outdoor paving tiles in extreme types of weather conditions given that it hardly gets cracked or chipped from frozen water thawing. 

  • Granite is highly durable and resilient which means that repairs are really required, and it can be maintained relatively cheaply. 
  • It does not absorb oils or get stained easily. 
  • Granite is water-resistant, which it is a perfect choice for use on pool sides. 
  • Granite has a textured surface, due to which it is not so slippery.


Marble has been related to elegance for hundreds of years and there is enough reason for this. This is a stone carved in an elegant way and is a popular choice of sculptors. Marble is only slightly more porous as compared to granite and is the second hardest natural stone.

Its beauty is unparalleled and due to its translucent properties, Marble is very attractive. Although it is popular for its elegant white color it is also available in various other colors such as brown, green, pink, and even black. It is important to note that polished marble can be quite slippery and should not be used in the outdoor area. Slightly textured marble can make for great outdoor paving tiles. Just like granite, Marble can be quite expensive as well, but the expense is worthwhile.


This is a sedimentary rock like marble and has been a favorite of constructors and builders for hundreds of years. Limestone is very popular because it is extremely easy to work with and is available in various colors. Overall, Limestone is a perfect outdoor paving tile alternative to costly wooden tiling.

Due to its surface remaining cool always, Limestone is one of the best tiling options in hot ambiances. It is possible for you to walk barefoot on these types of outdoor paving tiles without any worry of getting your toes burnt. 


Luxurious and beautiful, Travertine is one of the best natural stones that can make for excellent outdoor paving tiles. It is very porous and is like limestone. To avoid damage to the surface, Travertine requires sealing. Due to the natural texture of Travertine, you can get a firm grip while walking. For steps surrounding the pools, Travertine is among the best options that you can go with. 

Final Words-

Most believe that the benefits of using outdoor paving tiles is worth the effort and investment. It is much easier to care for a surface that has been paved with paving tiles rather than one that is just dirt or lawn. They are also more aesthetically pleasing to look at and they blend in better with the surrounding environment.

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