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On-Demand Business Trend 2022 With Gojek Clone Multi-Service App


The On-Demand Business Trend 2022 With Gojek Clone Multi-Service App is a trend in itself. According to a 2019 report by CBInsight of Global Unicorn Club, 23 out of the 310 private companies with a valuation of $1 billion belong to the on-demand industry. Wow! That was an eye-opening statistic. Although no new figures state the same, we can take a lucky guess that this number has only gone higher! To support this claim the latest PwC report states that the on-demand mobile application and website market value will reach $335 billion by 2025. So, what do you think about developing your own on-demand multi-service app – the Gojek clone Brazil?


Carpooling is the new trend because most people prefer to book their own private rides rather than traveling in crowded public transportations. But daily commuters know the struggle of higher rates. Thus, to cool off the taxi fare stress, the Gojek clone Braziloffers uber-like carpooling or ride-sharing options.

Essentially, ride-sharing is the option where the users can share their cab with other passengers en route to the same destination. This splits ups the fare between the number of passengers traveling thus, saving your everyday traveling cost.

Besides the cost-saving factor, sharing rides also ensures your safety. During the pandemic cleanliness, hygiene, and social distancing norms came into play. Well, traveling in a shared ride with the Gojek clone app Brazil ensures that:

  • Face mask verification of the driver is done before the taxi ride begins.
  • Every passenger is made to agree to the safety checklist mentioning sanitizing the hands and wearing a face mask plus a face shield.
  • This app also instructs the taxi driver to ensure disinfection and sanitization of the vehicle every day.


Insider Intelligence mentions in one of their publications that more than half of the US population like to get ultrafast grocery and food deliveries. Well, the digital grocery market alone is forecasted to reach $243 billion in the US markets by 2025. Speaking of on-demand food ordering and delivery, the revenue of this segment is projected to grow to $343.80 billion in the year 2022 itself!

This indicates that your Gojek clone app Brazil alone can earn a hefty amount of revenue from these two on-demand services only! This towering rate means that with the option for online food and grocery delivery, the app users are also demanding convenient services. Thus, to keep up with the trend you need to use these features of this all-inclusive app:

  • Contactless doorstep delivery service. 
  • Voice note instruction services.
  • Electronic visual proof of food delivery where the delivery driver clicks the picture of the made delivery and uploads it on the app as proof.
  • Real-time GPS tracking to keep a tab on where the order has reached or how much time it will take to reach (ETA).


Gojek clone app Brazil again stands on what it says – provide only what’s trending! On-demand services include a lot of things such as home cleaning, car washing, plumbing, carpenter on-demand, beauty & salon services, massage at-home, etc. Offering all these services on just one app means that you’ll be benefiting from this figure –

“The at-home services market is forecasted to grow by $4,730.31 billion between 2021-2025.”

This trend also demands protection against the perils of the Covid-19 virus. Thus, to ensure that no compromises are made in service booking and delivery, the on-demand app solution ensures:

  • Online appointment booking in advance.
  • Only vaccinated personnel are allowed to render their services. 
  • Face mask verification of the service provider once they reach the user’s location.


The on-demand app has truly changed our world. Consciously or not, we have shifted towards using the Gojek like app Brazilon an everyday basis. Look at the statistics given in the blog once again and think about the possibilities it holds for entrepreneurs like you.

So, if you want to stay on top of the on-demand business trends in 2022, you know what you need to do.

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