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7 Benefits of Using React Native for Mobile App Development

Many thriving startups and companies across the digital platforms are adopting React Native as it is one of the successful cross-platform frameworks. 

Leading brands like Microsoft, Facebook, and other wide range of industries are already using the React Native framework. It has pre-built components, dynamic community support, open-source nature, and faster app development. 

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What are other reasons for choosing React Native over any other framework? 

Let’s find out the seven key advantages of the framework in this blog. 

What Is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript-based mobile app framework. It creates apps for cross platforms with Native capabilities and assures the code quality by embracing analytical & demonstrative programming. 

The framework uses the same UI building blocks for Android and iOS apps to deliver a streamlined user experience. It is also used for building virtual reality (VR) apps at Oculus.  

7 Key Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development

  • Hot Reloading

The first benefit of React Native is Hot Reloading, which allows React Native app developers to refresh the app while it is still in the development stage. 

The hot reloading is based on Hot Module Replacement (HMR). It moves ahead to keep the updated files in the mandated areas while the app continues to operate in the background. 

The main functionality of the hot reloading feature is its capability to approve changes in the source code and let developers view each change. In simple words, the main objective of this feature is to inject new versions into the file, and it is useful while tweaking the app’s user interface. 

  • Faster App Development

Do you know why applications built with React Native are faster to develop? It is because developers can write a single codebase and customize the app that can run on multiple platforms. 

Apart from it, a single codebase reduces the chances of finding bugs in React Native apps, which results in the rapid development of a minimum viable product (MVP). 

Businesses can launch the first version of their app quickly (with minimum features) with the help of a React Native app development company. However, they can add more functionalities with time. Overall, business owners get a quick time to market and achieve their desired goals.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

We know that React Native uses a single code that makes it a cost-effective solution. In simple terms, React Native app developers do not have to write two codes separately for Android & iOS. They can code the app in the existing language with minimal risk of errors or glitches. 

As mentioned above, React Native is quicker to develop, which also reduces the app development cost. Most importantly, It has ready-made solutions and libraries that minimize app development costs.  

Other than this, React Native lets app designers bring uniformity and an optimized user interface that works on multiple platforms. Thus, React Native reduces the designing time as well as cost by optimizing a single mobile app for various platforms. 

  • A Simplified User Interface

An aesthetically-pleasing user interface of the app is critical that also helps in giving a competitive edge. A high-quality and interactive UI lures the users and encourages them to explore the app more. 

React Native technology guarantees an uncomplicated user interface for a better user experience (UX). The framework combines the best part of Native capabilities with React to build an interactive user interface. 

With the help of this technology, the growth process is much more manageable because of the excellent JavaScript structure. Moreover, React Native has declarative elements that create innovative user interfaces for the app Reuterspost

  • Streamlined User Experience

If you want to keep users engaged with your app for a longer time, deliver an excellent user experience, and meet their expectations. 

React Native is a suitable framework as apps built on a single codebase give a unified experience. It expands the business growth by broadening the user base. 

React Native displays 60 frames per second with a native look & feel to the app. It seeks to provide a positive UX that maintains customer loyalty toward the brand. The framework also optimizes the app’s performance by integrating native code in some of the app sections. 

  • Third-Party Plugin Support

React Native is best known for its third-party plugin integrations. It offers a wide range of plugins and helps in adding multiple layers of functionality to the app. 

The React Native app developers link the plugins to the native module, resulting in a quick app development process, seamless and user-friendly apps. 

In other words, the support of third-party plugins can make a mobile app user-friendly as it facilitates the interaction with other app’s functionalities, for instance, Google Maps & payment integration.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

If you want to build a mobile app for Android & iOS platforms, you can consider choosing React Native and can get an app for both platforms in a single go. 

That said, cross-platform is one of the significant benefits of React Native app development because it provides tools for developing high-end mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

Developing a cross-platform app helps businesses fix UI bugs, and most importantly, these apps call for only one team of developers. The React Native code is compatible with every platform and helps businesses target all sets of audiences in one frame.

In other words, while developing a mobile app, almost half of the code can be used on various platforms leading to fewer expenses with quality assurance. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, React Native app development can help businesses develop scalable, reliable, and secure mobile apps with an aesthetically-pleasing app design. 

Apart from providing an excellent user experience, React Native has a code reusability feature, which results in a quick app development process. 

In the coming time, React Native can be used for creating more futuristic apps with advanced functionality with the assurance of a better user experience. So, if you are thinking of developing a React Native app, you can consider hiring a well-established React Native app development company.

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