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What Are the Benefits of React Native for Mobile App Development?

With mobile apps becoming extremely popular in recent years, enterprises invest in building applications for both platforms to reach a much wider audience.

React Native refers to an open-source framework that mobile app developers utilize to save time in mobile app development.

React Native was developed by Facebook in 2015, initially for iOS, then for Android.

Creating separate versions of apps for Android and iOS platforms was tiresome, and businesses had to spend extra. React Native became a savior and permitted developers to deploy the same code to make an app for multiple platforms.

This blog will describe the benefits of React Native for mobile app development to make your app stand out in the competitive market.

Let’s dive in!

Code Reusability and Components

The most significant React Native app benefit for the developer community is code reusability. The developers can reuse more than 90% of React Native codes for iOS and Android instead of developing different apps for both platforms.

This assists in reducing the time and cost of the project. The beneficial aspect is developers already maintain codes for an app written in React; thus, the development cost is minimal as codes can be reused to build the new application.

Pre-developed components in the open-source library allow developers to access the codes freely. These codes are pre-written, and the developers only have to embed them.

Exceptional Performance

The platform’s significance depends on improving performances using native modules and controls. It works by interacting with Android and iOS native elements and proceeds to develop codes for native APIs.

React Native functions like native graphics processing units to speed up the apps. React-native applications have native UI components that enhance the performance and user experience.

Simple User Interface

The primary aspect behind the application of React Native is that it provides a simple and uncomplicated mobile UI. Mostly, apps created with React Native have more seamless UX and take less time to load. With the help of React Native, designers can perform proper sequences for developing apps. A react native app development company can make an intuitive, engaging, and responsive app for your business to gain scalability.

Live and Hot Reloading

This component provides the best developer experience. It maintains the original form of the code while refreshing. Live reloading enables a fast refresh of the code.

Hot reloading is another essential advantage of React Native.

mobile app development company There is a nominal difference between live and hot reloading. Live reload refreshes the whole app, whereas hot reload only refreshes a file that has been modified while keeping the original form of the app.

Third-Party Plugin Support

React Native gives two kinds of third-party plugins: JavaScript-based and the second is native modules. Suppose a developer wants to have Google Maps to be added to his app, React Native will allow the developer to add the plugin with a third-party module.

Improved Stability and Reliability

React Native helps facilitate data binding to secure the parent or primary data. It improves stability and makes sure that only authorized components to get updated. To modify the object, developers must alter their form first before systematically applying each update.

Publishing Quick App Updates

Earlier, publishing updates for applications took a lot of time. It requires developers to go through a formation process for every app individually. With React Native, the whole process has been simplified. Both apps get updated simultaneously using the framework, and the entire process is fast and straightforward.

Developers execute them via over-the-air (OTA) updates while using the application. And whenever you open the app next time, the update is ready for the user.

Moreover, users do not have to update the app manually via app stores which saves time and makes the process easy and hassle-free.

Libraries and Tailor-Made Solutions

React Native has various ready-made solutions and libraries available for developers to use. The solutions assist in simplifying app building and help developers concentrate on making more bug-free codes.

Easy to Make Changes

React Native delivers an efficient development interface that facilitates the development and testing processes. The hot reloading feature allows you to perform desired modifications efficiently and visit the results in real-time.

Community Support

React Native is an open-source framework that allows React developers to use all appropriate documentation without charges. Additionally, it authorizes them to contribute to the community openly.

One of the most significant reasons to select React Native is that developers are always ready to guide beginners through forums. They may even review the codes on ongoing React projects for newbies to give their constructive feedback. Altogether, it provides an awe-inspiring and combined experience for the community.

Why Do Businesses Select React Native?

The significant reason why businesses select React Native is that it saves money, is quick in the development process, and has huge demand among React developers.

React Native lets you develop cross-platform apps, create MVPs fast, reduce development intricacies, and update apps instantly.

Hence, reduced development budget and the capability to speed up project implementation are the main features of React Native.

Popular Companies Using React Native

Since Facebook released React Native framework for mobile app development, many famous brands like Instagram, Bloomberg, Netflix, Tesla, Walmart, Airbnb, etc., are using it. It signifies that the platform is growing at a fast pace.


No doubt, using React Native for mobile app development will increase the app’s productivity. Therefore, hiring an experienced react native app developer for your next mobile app development project becomes essential.

If your business goal is to build a multi-dimensional and user-friendly mobile app, you should go with React Native. It is flexible, cost-efficient, and adept at yielding outstanding results.

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