Keep Your Macarons Fresh In Eco-Friendly Macaron Boxes

Historical Background of Macarons

Macaroons are without a doubt one of our favorite cookies, and why not? They come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and are always gorgeous to look at if you like cookies. It has been said that macarons were bought in France from Italy where monasteries used to serve them from the 8th century onwards. 

The history of Macarons dates back to the mid-1500s in France and somewhere 2010s in North America. France has always been famous for its confectioneries. Marking its trademark, now French products are being exported all over the world.

It’s a long history but basically, Macarons are sweet colorful cookies filled with various kinds of flavors. Every chef tries putting in the effort to make unique flavors, at times these sugar cookies are savory as well and leave a tangy taste in your mouth.

The Classic Size of a Macaron

There is no standard size of Macarons but typically that ranges from about one to three inches in size. Each bakery has its own standard size. It is totally up to you or the utensils and templates that you are using for determining the right size of macaron for you.

More Adequate the Dry Ingredients, Smoother the Top Is Going To Be

There is a perfect difference between a Macaron and a Macaroon. Sounds confusing, huh? People often get confused by the term Macaron and Macaroons. Yes! Both taste differently and there is a fine line of dissimilarity between them. The Macarons are commonly made with coconut and sugar, give a classy look, have a flat surface, and are finely presented.

On the other hand, Macaroons consist of fresh and finely ground Almonds. Unfortunately, it does not constitute an exclusive look as the macarons. Given its irregular and ragged shape, it is basically not a treat to the eyes. Chocolate syrup is often used to make it look appealing at the bakeries. Nonetheless, it does not taste as poor as it looks.   

National Macaroon Day Is A Perfect Time to Try Them All

While these cookies have their origins in Italy, there is a lot more to them than one country can supply, which is why regional varieties may be found all over the world.

Do you know that National Macaroon Day is celebrated in the United States on First May every year? Whether it’s the Dominican Republic’s dark spicy coconut flavor or the Scottish Macaroon’s rich velvety chocolate, you’re sure to discover the one you like particularly that day. And the best part about this day is that all the earnings and profits are destined to be given to charity.

National Chocolate Macaroon Day

Out of love for chocolates, National Chocolate Macaroon Day is celebrated every third of June in the United States. People make this delicious cookie, celebrate the festivities with their loved ones, and share the joy of the day. Chocolate and Vanilla are probably the most demandable flavors throughout the region.  

What Sort Of Packaging Is Best To Keep Your Macarons Safe?

Coming to the actual point, it is considerate to keep a notice of the packaging material for this delicate smooth cookie. Try keeping your goodies secure in transit and protect them with these Macaron Boxes, which are constructed of high-quality paper. It includes a clear plastic glass that allows you to see the sweetness and elegance of macarons without having to lift the top repeatedly. Such boxes with a visible lid are commonly known as Display Box.

These macaron boxes bundling is equipped with 4 matrices. These frames maintain macaron separation and ensure that the color and flavor of the macarons do not combine. The baking boxes have a protection plan that is a stretch layer. The Stretch layer is shockproof, it keeps macarons in a safe climate, no need stress of getting them broken. Thus, keeping macarons in a wonderful form persistently.

Things to Keep Notice Of While Ordering In Bulk

Ensure that you’re purchasing macaron boxes that will oblige the number of Macarons that you plan to bundle either for sending as a gift or for business purposes.

Macarons are tiny and made with considerable care. As a result, it’s a matter of attention how they would be bundled as valuable cargo. Standing them up for easy viewing is sure to get people’s attention and make their mouths water.

Customize Containers for Safety Purposes

By putting your Macarons in our customized containers, you can show off your hard work and create excellent appeal for customers in the market. Not exclusively would you be able to look at the supplements and ingredients, there are macaron plates in customized macaron boxes that can contain a different number of macarons. 

However, you may have this confidence that the plastic used is able to protect your product. The plastics in macaron bundling are either produced by using cornstarch or recyclable materials, which restricts their ecological effect. Therefore, making them eco-friendly.

In short, Macarons or Macaroons are a great choice for people of all ages. It is especially most utilized on festivities and parties, giving your joyful days a double treat. 

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