What Technology Is Doing To The Pet Care Industry 

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We know how technology has improved as the years passed. It produces a significant revenue not only for the company but for the country too. The bonuses and profit of working in technology compel everyone to improve technology in their desired niche.

Similarly, technology has proved one of the most crucial factors in the development of the pet industry. The tremendous advancements and incredible opportunities with these technologies have made pet care even more convenient.

Forbes reported that Americans spent approximately $1300 on their pets monthly. This made around $72 billion in the year 2018 when they conducted this survey. 

This proves how rapidly the pet industry is growing. There seems to be no halt in its pace. As a result, people are heavily investing in the pet care industry and its technology.

Here is a list of some expected improvements in pet industry technology in the past few years. Thanks to the breakthrough in these technologies, we can keep our pets happier and healthier. 

Social Apps For Dog Parents

Social apps have become increasingly popular and a need of today’s world. It isn’t easy to live a day without using a social app for one reason or another. 

Pet industries are now refined because of social apps. There is much that these apps help us with. It is hard to fathom. For instance, apps like Rover help you locate a pet sitter in your area. 

This allows you to find pet sitters at your choices’ best rates and timings. It has given people the freedom to choose a pet sitter that suits them best. 

Likewise, MyPet allows you to book an appointment with a veterinarian close to your house. You can also check out dog medications on similar apps.

Other than this, PetParents and Wag help dog parents find solutions like looking for the nearest dog park or interacting with other dog owners. 

Improved Health Care

The world has achieved numerous milestones in the health sector. The same goes for pets’ health, where medical technology advancements have made it easier to treat most pet conditions.

Technologies like new imaging techniques, surgery tools, oxygen machines like Fitbit for dogs have tremendously facilitated vets in diagnosing and treating medical conditions in pets. 

On the other hand, minimal interventional technologies have saved pets from significant mortalities and morbidities. It means you can cure a disease with the least possible intervention, unlike surgery requiring prolonged hospital stay and recovery. 

Surgeries are now the last resort for all diseases. It is done when no other option is left. Thanks to minimalist technologies, most pets are now cured without surgeries and optimized medical treatment. 

Microchipping A Dog 

The most remarkable thing that has come out of advanced technology in the pet industry is microchipping your dog. 

The microchip allows you to locate your dog, and it remains with them for as long as you like. A microchip is most needed in long-distance traveling. No matter what your dog breed is, there are multiple ways you can attach a microchip to your dog.

One of the ideal ways is to attach a microchip to your dog’s collar. This is for temporary purposes. For example, if you are going out with your dog to a park, you can put a collar on him with a microchip.

On the contrary, if you are looking for longer protection and security, you can also have a microchip placed under the dog’s skin. 

This procedure is recommended for long-distance traveling. This is a minor procedure but requires expertise, so only vets are given the right to do this. 

A microchip is now being placed under the dog’s loose skin, most commonly between the shoulder blades. This again is a minimally invasive procedure, thanks to the new technology. It does not hurt and takes as long as an injection. 

Webcams For Extra Protection

If you can take care of your dog even when you are away from them, you need to thank the inventors who came up with webcams. 

Dog parents can now keep a look at their furry companions who are left at home while they’re at work. Of course, no one knew they would be able to do this ten years ago. But now, if you have a webcam in your lounge or porch, you can connect it to your phone and have your pet right in front of you.

Even if you leave your pet behind with a dog sitter, you will be able to keep an eye on them. 

Advanced Toys

Have you heard of ‘Treat Cam?’ 

Another breakthrough in the pet industry that has caught the attention of thousands of pet parents is the advanced toys that keep your pet entertained behind your back. 

Treat Cam is a modified toy that not only allows you to have a look at your pet but is also connected to you via Wi-Fi, so it can go around giving treats to your pet for you. 

It is a camera that dispenses treats that you fill it with. So now, when you find your dog hungry or lonesome, you can give in some treats like Chicken Free Dog Food to make them happy. 

Final Thoughts 

There is so much to talk about technology advancements in the pet industry. It has the health, and entertainment drastically and we can only expect further improvements and inventions. This business is not slowing down in the coming years. On the contrary, the coming years may bring even more technologies that we haven’t thought of yet. 

In other words, there will be a surge in revenue and business, but we can’t see a declining pattern. This is a successful niche in the industry that generates tonnes of profit for the country. It only means a healthier and happier pet for pet parents like us!

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