Startup cost guide for entrepreneurs to launch an app like Food panda

In today’s world of mobile applications, there is no room in one’s life for unnecessary details: anything you need may be brought directly to the doorstep. Uber, Doordash, Food delivery, Foodpanda, and Zomato are just a few of the convenient smartphone apps that allow you to order your favorite foods from whatever r estaurant without ever leaving your couch.

However, Foodpanda has had a substantial effect on the people with some of its foodpanda mobile app, and it will not appear to be losing momentum in this crowded field of apps. It has since established itself in 10 countries as a global online meal delivery business in the rising marketplace.Check out here for readymade best foodpanda clone app.

What exactly is a foodpanda?

This is a global meal delivery service with an internet presence! What, therefore, is the key to if’s success? Like any practical application, it should have a colorful and attractive web page & software. The concentration on appealing appearances of meals is also essential for the achievement. It brings your customer more towards the application’s primary objective: placing meals with a few taps of their computer or smartphone.

However, effective software and applications layout account for about 20% of overall effectiveness; most of it revolves around sustaining the proper online meal delivery method infrastructure. Consider the following framework of a foodstuff delivery platform, which even applies to Foodpanda:

Cost to launch a food delivery app 

The cost of establishing a meal-delivery app like Food panda would range from $10,000 to $20,000*, depending upon the functions you want to include into one on-demand delivery service mobile platform as well as the means you’ll need to bring it from concept to launch. A competent app development business, on the other hand, may price between $30,000 and $40,000*. This is the best value that a qualified mobile development company will likely spend. It includes everything from web and mobile apps to creating Android and iOS variants of something like the software, app testing, and commercialization.

Prices may differ depending on which country’s firm you choose to deal with. The process of constructing a food ordering software for Android is just more since that takes as much validation, but the cost for iOS is lower.

A few Essential Mobile Apps development Calculations:

  • (60 hours — $1500 to $3000) UI/UX design
  • Front-end as well as Back-end advancement (400 Hours — $7,000 to $ 15,000)
  • (40 hours — $1000 to $1500) technological information
  • (80 hours — $2000 to $4000) MVP screening
  • (40 hours — $1000 to $2000) refinement as well as software updates

You may also hire Mobile App Developers that will work with your schedule and budget. Companies bill around an hourly basis and this amount varies depending on which nation the meal delivery applications were created for.

Permission Admin Console for App Developers on the App Platform

Outer Functions and Advanced App Design

Size of the app

So each second, their measured value is from $120-$250 in Europe and America.

Compared to other locations such as Europe and the United States, developing a Foodpanda-like app in India is relatively inexpensive. Designing the on delivery services with all the functionalities costs $10-$80 per hour.**

The customer app will be well and easy to use, but the following are the most critical aspects of mobile meal delivery progress:

Restaurants that work together. They do not have to be well-known brands, and the most crucial aspect of takeout is high-quality items and dishes prepared with them. Restaurants are also the primary point of interest for consumers (who examine the menus) or the primary moneymaker for businesses.

Guys who deliver. There’s a fantastic restaurant with excellent meals made of heavy ingredients and a diverse menu of cuisines – good, but how fast does it provide? Well, could there be a courier company? Delivery is the second most significant aspect of running an online meals shipping service.

Delivery must be quick, but never at the price of the company or organization: this includes no ordinary employees to pay, only delivery men who work whenever it’s convenient for them and do not have to travel great distances from our houses.

The delivery guy’s plan is simple: he chooses the hours that will be most suited just for him to continue working and chooses up an item that is easiest to deliver. Working in one’s spare time for making somewhat extra cash – this form of collaboration with the delivery team demonstrated to be among the most successful. Delivery should only be functional if a user-friendly program for the mailman, featuring detailed maps and sufficient money.

We’ve found out just what fundamental principles are for conducting big food delivery apps or taking a closer look at every step of the meal delivery app. But, the next step will be online, not so much the product that people are holding in their hands.


We skillfully created and built the Foodpanda clone app so that users can quickly locate their favorite restaurants and cuisines and take orders from such restaurants. Get take a glance at some of the best aspects for people purchasing:

  • Login is simple.

Login can also be made using only a Facebook or Gmail account or an OTP delivered to that same recipient’s phone.

  • Location

The list of nearby available eateries is made depending on the destination address so the user may obtain speedy delivery.

  • Information about the restaurant

The consumer may learn about the services supplied and other minor facts about a restaurant by using this function.

  • Photographs complement the Menu.

This client may then explore the shop’s Menu and purchase the eatery.

  • Tagging in Instantaneously

This function allows the user to follow his item in actuality until something arrives at its destination.

  • Options for Multiple Payments

The provision of different payment choices lets the customer spend there in a preferred method, whether by debit/credit account, coin, or any form.

Final Thoughts:

You’re probably aware that online meal delivery apps like Foodpanda have already made a name for themselves and are now thriving. If you want to be from the same vessel as them, you should first download the on-demand meal delivery app.

However, conducting an extensive investigation was also necessary at this point, even though you will learn what dishes people prefer and which places have monopolized the attention.

The estimated price of such an online food ordering program is dependent on several elements, including the specialist’s qualifications and pace of work. However, some approximate prices in cash form and duration can be provided. You’ll need 518–548 months to make an online ordering app. With just basic functionality, the average price per program is between $12,000 and $18,000.

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