Most Popular TV Networks in the USA

If cutting the cord doesn’t seem attractive to you, you’re on the right track. While cord-cutters may feel that they are saving costs by opting for streaming services, it’s not that straightforward. They are still paying the same amount every month as they pay for broadband internet and multiple streaming services put together. 

But putting streaming services aside, you can access a variety of channels when you opt for a satellite TV subscription. If you browse through the DirecTV packages, you can flip through more than three hundred channels. You can even create a customized package so that you only have what you want. Some of the most popular networks that you can subscribe to our detailed below.


CBS is an American television broadcast network that offers its subscribers a wide variety of genres such as legal dramas, comedies, and talk shows. You can also access their streaming app, CBS All Access to re-watch your favorite releases. The show attracts an average of 7.14 million users, making it the most popular network in the country. This makes sense when you see their lineup that consists of fan-favorite dramas such as NCIS, Young Sheldon, Criminal Minds, and CSI. With CBS, there is something for everyone. 


ABC, also known as The American Broadcasting Company, is one of the most-watched local television networks in the United States, with an average of 5.19 million viewers. The network plays some of the most popular shows in the world, one of them being Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy, which is currently on its eighteenth season. If you are into superheroes, you can watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D instead. Currently, everyone’s favorite show on the network is the reality dating show The Bachelor, which has taken the country by storm. From what we can tell, ABC is going to remain everyone’s favorite for a long while. 


FOX is one of the largest networks in the USA and is even known amongst people outside the country. With access to FOX, you have access to some of the most popular shows such as Empire, Gotham, Bones, The Walking Dead, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If you are more interested in reality TV, FOX has something for you too with offerings such as Hell’s Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance. FOX doesn’t ignore the sports enthusiasts and also created shows like NFL on FOX and Thursday Night Football to help keep them updated on the latest sports news. Whether you have children at home or need something for yourself, the network offers a bit of everything that you may need. 

Discovery Channel

Discovery channel is good for people of all ages. If you’re of a curious nature, the shows on here can help you find answers enjoyably. You can learn a bit about science, technology, the universe, and everything else under the sun. Shows like Mythbusters and Sharkweek continue to draw in viewers and have made Discovery a household name. If you are done filling your head with hours of nonsense, give this channel a chance and feel yourself getting smarter by the minute. 

National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic Channel is the one-stop destination for all nature lovers. As most of you may already know, the network increases the knowledge amongst people about animals, nature, the environment, and so much more. You can watch fun documentaries that deal with factual content and help you and your family learn more about our planet. Catch shows such as Brain Games, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and Cosmos: Possible Worlds. 


PBS is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to offering educational and family-friendly content to the youth of America. One of the most popular channels, the network has is known for creating original content such as Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, Frontline, Miss Scarlett, and the Duke. Younger children can enjoy shows like The Magic School Bus, Sesame Street, Arthur, or Teletubbies. 


HBO has slowly become one of the most popular networks in the country. After releasing some insanely popular shows, it has made a mark for itself amongst the already severe competition. Game of Thrones rose to fame after its first season was released. Still releasing worthwhile content, viewers can catch shows such as Euphoria, Succession, Westworld, Veep, The White Lotus, Chernobyl, and Mare of Easttown. This list is not exhaustive and subscribers should consider including the channel in their package. 

To Sum It Up

A satellite TV connection is definitely worth the price. You get hundreds of channels, each of which offers tens of TV shows for you to watch. You can watch on-demand titles and movies whenever you feel like it. If you need further information about the channel lineup, simply contact DirecTV customer service for further information. 

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