How to Keep Insects and Other Pests Away from Your Trees

Nature is everywhere and to bring its calmness we often plant trees in our garden or our yard. The scenic view and the breezes that come with them are truly exceptional. Trees are also like us, they too need proper nourishment and care for growing. Planting trees in good soil will not be enough, proper care is needed or insects will attack them and they will become prone to diseases. For preventing these things special measures daily are required. Keeping insects and pests away from the Trees is one of the most important preventions. Why prevention? Because it is better to take measures before anything serious happens that is not changeable. If you will take care of your trees regularly then not only will it save you money but also will prevent your beloved trees from suffering. There are many insects and pests present on land and for the prevention process, you can contact Best Pest Control  Marcos, Tree Doctor. 

Preventing your trees from insects and pests 

There are many bugs, insects, and pests that are not at all garden friendly and will surely destroy your trees and plants. You might think that chemicals containing pesticides are the best option for clearing those pests out but they can damage your trees and plants as well. For eco-friendly protection of your trees and plants you can take the  following measures:

Clean Soil

If your garden and yard have good soil then it will keep the insects and pests away. This type of soil will have to be prepared with certain measures like:

  • Organic matter will have to be added to the compost when the growing season begins, this will keep the soil clean and organic matter will keep the pests away. 
  • Parasite’s eggs and even they can be killed by heating the soil of your garden by covering the soil around the tree with cardboard for a while for inducing heat

Thinning Out 

It is very important to give your trees and plants a regular cut. If there is something unusual on your tree or a plant is looking too weak then cut it out as these parts will welcome diseases. Dead shoots and branches have to be thinned out from the trees and dead leaves have to be burned before they catch any kind of insects. 

Proper Watering 

This might seem a piece of very basic advice but if your trees and plants will not be properly hydrated, they will become weak and attract diseases. Keep in mind that water your trees and plants in the morning session as water will help them in photosynthesis that happens only during the daytime. Water damp during nights will trigger fungal growth and that is why avoid watering plants at night. 

Pull Out the Weeds 

Weeds are known to take all the water and nutrition and even light away from the trees and plants. They also welcome garden insects and pests, that is why they need to be pulled out in time completely from their roots or they will destroy the trees and plants. 

Keeping the Garden Clean 

Just like we keep our house clean, it is very important to keep the garden clean as well. Remove all the blooms that are faded, fallen leaves and weeds should also be taken out as they will decay and will cause fungus. Collect the garden litter on a daily purpose so that piled-up litter will not be waiting for you to clean up. 

Beneficial Insects 

Some insects are beneficial for the garden and should be there to fight against insect pests. Ladybugs are one of them as they eat aphids, mites and eggs, larvae, and other destructive insects. Praying Mantis, Parasitic wasps, and lacewings are other beneficial insects that you should have in your garden. You can easily purchase them from a horticultural company and yes, do not use chemicals before and after keeping these insects. 

Crop Rotation 

This is a practice that is popular in every part of the world. If the same small plants will grow in the same area for years to come then insects will increase and that is why rotating the plants or changing their place will be beneficial. This will also help the soil in regaining its nutrition.

Remove Dead Leaves 

In your tree and plant, keep an eye for any dead leaves and if the leaves have spots or things that are not normal. Remove these kinds of leaves as they carry disease and will contaminate the whole plant if not being removed. Removing such leaves will save your plants and trees from catching the disease. 

Use Insect Traps 

Sticky Cards are available in the market or in garden centers. When these traps and cards are placed in the garden or yard, they will catch insects and pests that roam freely in your space. If you do not know what kind of bugs they are then you must contact Tree Doctor who will help you in figuring out and will help you in future processing as well. 

Wrap Them Up 

Harsh weather can not be withstood by every tree in your surrounding. You can use tree wraps to prevent sunscald and prevent your trees from having a trunk split. 

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