10 Effective Email Marketing Strategy to Improve Conversions

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Have you ever thought about why email marketing is the top way to promote your product? It’s mainly because emails offer extreme flexibility. In addition to that, it also accentuates your professionalism. This is why almost every business uses email marketing campaigns to drive their sales. However, not everyone succeeds in this venture. So, we have decided to shed light on some tips to add to your email marketing strategy. It will help you kick-start your email marketing campaign. 

10 Best Email Marketing Strategies

1. Add an attractive subject line:

The subject line is the first thing your lead is going to see before opening the mail. All you have to do is to make the email subject line more personal and click-worthy. The character limit is 60, but you can convey a lot within those characters. Try being precise and to the point about what your email is about. If possible, make your USP distinct and easy to understand. Including the name of your recipients in the subject does wonders to your campaigns. To do that, you may need powerful email automation software to automatically add the names of your lead to the subject line. 

2. Categorise your audience:

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This email marketing strategy advises you to segment your customers for a better reach. If you want to promote a product that is suitable only for adolescents, categorizing your leads will help you do that. You can effectively leverage the collected user data to target a specific group of audience. For example, imagine you sell an advanced version of headphones. Using the sentence ‘Still using boomer tech?’ might intrigue millennials and Gen Z. But, the same might not be suitable for older generations. Hence, categorization is the key to further optimizing your campaign. 

3. Send timely emails with attractive offers:

Have you ever seen emails mounting up during the holidays? With brands fighting each other to offer a good deal? If so, you have witnessed an effective strategy at play. Offering discounts and coupons at the right time will help you gain new customers. Furthermore, it will aid in improving customer retention rates. Offers attract incredibly higher customers than any other mode of the campaign. It helps create an affordable look for your brand. Also, when offering discounts, be sure to use a template that highlights your discount section. 

4. Incorporate social media redirects:

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In this age of Digital 4.0, customers rely on information available on social media more than ever. Include links to your social media handles within every email you send. It will help them find you on a platform that they most interact with. If you are lucky, they might even share your content to promote your business. The more traffic you get on your social media, the more you find new leads. A simple button to share it on social media goes a long way in creating a loyal relationship between the customer and the brand. 

5. Do not forget about CTAs:

Call-to-action(CTA) is the button that directs your leads towards making the next step. This is a pivotal email marketing strategy that decides whether your campaign is a failure or a success. Without CTA, your email doesn’t allow the lead to move further in the sales funnel. It only informs them of the offers available. For example, a course promotion mail from edX will contain the button ‘Enrol Now’. It saves the time taken to search for the course in a separate tab. Hence, CTAs are all about making it easy for your lead to make a decision. 

6. Use an email builder:

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The traditional way of sending email is no longer an effective way of marketing. Customers expect emails to be more interactive and offer a visually pleasing experience. You cannot do that without the help of an efficient email builder. The email builder you select must have optimized templates to let you build clutter-free emails. Furthermore, you must look for a drag and drop email builder to make your job easier and more efficient. 

Having a well-structured email plays a vital role in improving conversion rates. Another important advantage of using an email builder is the ability to maintain consistency. Once you develop a working structure, you can use that for your other campaigns as well. Thus helping you establish a standard look to your emails. 

7. Make it mobile-friendly:

Most marketing executives forget that 85% of leads access emails through mobile devices(Source: Adobe). Naturally, more conversions happen through mobile devices rather than anything else. So you need to select templates that suit smaller aspect ratios as well. Remembering this email marketing strategy will significantly help you reach more customers than ever before. Unlike desktop devices, the notifications on mobile phones rarely go unseen. Making it one of the effective ways to gain the attention of potential customers. 

8. Reach out to inactive customers:

Inactive customers are those who go radio silent after making one purchase. It is cost-effective to tap into this category rather than searching for new leads. A reminder email that your brand still exists and is ready to serve will be enough to get them engaged with your latest services. Most companies use offers to persuade the customer into making a repeat purchase. 

For example, assume you have a customer who is a cart abandoner. In this case, you can send a friendly nudge to remind them of the products in their cart. Or you can send coupons applicable to those products to attract them further. 

9. Implement A/B testing:

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Almost all marketing software has an A/B testing tool. These tools help marketers choose the optimal element for the email. Every component in your email plays a vital role in deciding your success. Adding A/B testing as an essential part of your email marketing strategy helps you figure out which components to avoid. Basically, A/B testing classifies the templates that obtain a good result and those that do not. 

10. Use an automation tool:

Doing all the above-mentioned steps manually probably isn’t possible. This is where email automation software can help you. These solutions focus on improving your email marketing journey. It greatly reduces the time taken for creating, editing and sending emails. Also, you can automate the entire email marketing workflow to enable instant responses to customer actions. Not to mention the highly useful triggered emails. The software automatically sends this kind of email when the user performs certain actions. Like being in the vicinity of your nearby retail store. 


Finally, the email marketing strategy isn’t complete without careful planning and timely execution. Performing a detailed study on your previous email marketing attempts will help you understand and identify your strong and weak suits. Start your digital marketing journey with strategies to ensure a high rate of success. 

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