What Can You Develop With Python? Top 5 Applications Of Python For Best-In

Python is now the Most popular open-source Programming language. And it’s easy to use and open to adopting new technologies from time to time. That’s why today’s Era Python is so useful in Real-world. Some Giant companies using Python are Netflix, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Quora, and many more companies.

Guido Van Rossum developed Python in 1989. Python is mostly Known for its Simple Syntax, Easy Learn, Scalable, Open-Source programming language. If you’re a Beginner or learning python, then Trust me! It’s a High Demand coding that you need to learn and Efficient for Beginners to learn because its Syntax is so easy.

Some main reasons behind the Popularity of Python Language:

● Using Python is so Easy to Use, Simple Syntax, and Easy to Learn

● Python is Highly Scalable, Powerful, and Open-Source Language to Use

● If you’re an Entrepreneur or doing Startups, then using Python can be effective.

These are some major reasons behind the popularity of Python because it is Strong, Reliable, Open-Source, and Easy to Learn.

We understand the power of the Python Language and How it’s useful in the Real-world. Now it’s time to share the Top 5 Applications of Python for Best-In.

Top 5 Applications of Python

#1 Web Development 

The Most Widely used for Python you’ll see in Web development. Because this language is highly Secured, Powerful and, Most Giant companies use this language like – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Quora, Netflix, and Many More. So now you can get an idea of how reliable and powerful this programming language is. So if you’re a beginner or Pro, python is suitable for all. Most developers love to use this language for Web development because it’s an easy, fast, and Secured programming language. 

In Python, web development is not only Creating websites. It’s more than that; you can Create Websites and also Web applications. By using Framework in Python, developers can easily build websites and web applications in a much faster way. If you’ve some knowledge about Python, you can understand Django and Flask’s importance, the most important server-side framework to build websites and Web applications.

In Python, if You’re a web developer and Use Python, then you’ve many options for web development like:

● You can use Framework like Django & Pyramid

● Or Micro framework like Flask & Bottle

● And if you want to manage your website’s content, then Plone & Django CMS is the best option for you.

#2 Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Python is a High-level Language used in AI & ML. Using Python Language is because of three main factors, i.e., It’s Secure, Flexible and Stable programming language to handle Multiple Requirements at a time in Project. 

If you’re using Python in AI & Ml, then there are so many advantages you’ll see because it’s an easy-to-use programming language, it’s open-Source, and ready to adapt to all changes. Thanks to the Python library, you don’t need to put so much effort that helps you build applications in a Much Faster way.

Python is a really useful and most important language used in AI. Because of its simplicity in code, Syntax saves lots of time and energy, and you can invest more time to make your applications better in other aspects. Python is a strong programming language, and it should be – Because it handles so many Queries together necessary for Machine learning. 

The reason behind using Python in AI & ML Because of some popular packages in Python:

● SeaBorn (For data visualization)

● For ML – Keras, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn 

● Numpy for data Analysing and High performance

● Scipy used for Advance computing

These are some major Libraries in Python

used for AI & ML.

#3 Softwares Development

With the help of the Python Programming language, a developer can work Easily in Development and Save lots of time. Python can be used to build complex applications Easily. You can Build Applications and Web-applications easily on Python because its Syntax is so easy to implement. 

As we previously discussed, Python is open to adopting new changes from time to time. If you’re building any Application or web application, then Using Python can be useful for you because it supports Data analysis, Visualization.

Because of Python’s Amazing features, Developers love to build their applications or web applications using Python Language. Some of the amazing features offered by Python are Quick Execution, Community Support, Tons of Libraries to save your time, and Highly Compatible to work with any system easily.

So many tools developed by Python are Roundup, Buildbot, Scons, Mercurial, and many more. But yes, in the end, Every Developer used Python because Python Developed itself from time to time and is Able to work with High Technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. 

So, if you’re planning to build an application or web application, then Python can be a Good choice for Build, Manage and Testing.

For Software Developers, there are many Features for Control and Managing, Testing things are:

●      RoundUp/Trac (Mainly used to Find or track Bug and For project management)

●      Buildbot & Apache Gump (If you want to automate your system for compiling and Testing, then this tool in Python can help you)

●      Scons (With this, you can Build Control)

#4 Data Science and Data Visualization

The reason behind the popularity of Python comes with Data Science. We all understand the importance of data; it’s a new currency in the Digital Era. 

But now you’re confused, how python links with data science and plays a major role. Python is an open-Source programming language, and it has Tons of Libraries that can manage Data Science issues and resolve problems. Some popular libraries you see in Python for data science are TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, and many other useful libraries in Python that can help manage data.

That’s why AI & ML use Python because it helps to extract more data by using these libraries.

If we talk about Visualization, then again, the reason is the same as the Python programming language – it has so Many Libraries for Visualization like Ploty, SeaBorn, Ggplot, and many more Visualization in Python. 

If you’re a data science professional, then Python is a Must-have thing you need to know. Python is so useful in Real-world for Data Science and Data Visualization. 

#5 Game Development

This feature in Python is listed in the Top 10 Features because this is so powerful and the best feature in Python. We all know that in today’s Era, High Graphic Gaming is necessary. Then Companies need to pick the right Language that Fulfills all users’ Requirements easily. 

Python already built their Name in the Gaming Industry and captured a huge Market. Some of the most popular games in the World, like Battlefield 2, are some of the most popular games developed in Python. You can understand better if you want to develop a world-class Game with High-Quality Graphics, Security, and Main things. Strong performance to handle everything. Then Python is the First Name coming into companies’ minds to build a Strong Game on Python Programming language. 

Suppose if you’re a game developer and Using a python programming language. These are Necessary Frameworks that you need to implement in your Gaming Project, i.e., Pygame, Pyglet, PyOpenGL, and many more you’ll see after research.

For those gaming lovers who love to play High-quality games without any Lag and Run nonstop, you should understand that Python is behind the best game. 

But it’s Strong, Reliable, and Efficient. These are reasons to use this language for game development, but Python has Some libraries and tools for Gaming that can help build advanced games. You don’t have any idea how popular and How many games are built using Python. Game developers can build 2D, 3D games by using Python and its Libraries and tools. You should know some most popular games developed by Python, i.e., PyGame, Sims4, World of Tanks, Civilization IV, and many other online games. 

We’ve listed these 5 Major applications of Python, but there are much more available to describe. 

Some More Uses Of Python

Well, after these five applications, you can see some more applications below using Python Language. So let’s begin!

● Robotics (In Robotics AI & ML python is widely used)

● Networking (For networking purposes, Python is used)

● GUI Application

● Testing Purpose (Python have some libraries and tools that Efficient for testing purpose)

● Embedded Applications (Python Work with Raspberry Pi)

Python is everywhere to use and useful. After reading the Application, I hope you understand and think broadly about Python Language, and if you’re someone who is learning this language, this can be helpful for you in the future. 

Why Do You Need To Learn Python?

After reading this article, you’ve Thousands of reasons to learn Python, and I suggest you pick at least one reason to start learning this language. Its potential is higher, and If you’re a Beginner, then after learning Python, so Many opportunities open for you to do some great creations. As we know that by using Python, you can build Websites, Web applications, and Softwares – Like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Quora, and many giant companies. And maybe you are the next one to build a big company website by using Python Language. So try to figure it out and spend some time learning this amazing skill. 


Overall, after reading the Complete details about Python and its major Application, we conclude that Python is a Powerful, Strong, High-performance, open-Source, and functional programming language in most of the Field.

Most of the Developers & companies preferred Python Language for developing projects in different fields like – Website Development, Web application development, Softwares development, and Mainly used for Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. 

In this article, we’ve Listed 5 Major applications you need to know in Python. And I hope this article clears all your doubts, and If you’re a Beginner or python learner, you get a boost to learn this language. 

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO of Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a mobile app development company in Atlanta (http://www.universalstreamsolution.com/). That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.

Author mail-id: jigs@universalstreamsolution.com

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