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WhatsApp Tests Encrypted Cloud Backups on Android

WhatsApp, impossible for anyone to not know about at this time, is coming up with new features every now and then. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook Inc. and was released in 2009, about 12 years ago. It is for both system users, iOS as well as Android. It is undeniably the fastest growing and most used freeware around the globe for the significance it has. 

WhatsApp is basically an app as the name says, that allows people to stay in touch via text messages, voice messages, and calls and can also send pictures whenever. Since calls are not always enough and at times we need to see the person, WhatsApp also introduced a video calling feature that has been quite popular among the users. Interestingly the video call feature does not only work between two people in conversation, in fact, it allows more people from the contacts to join to provide an exceptional user experience. 

Albeit, there were a couple of software Softwares like Facebook and MSN Messenger before WhatsApp, that enabled people to communicate from long distances, WhatsApp with its amazing features still stands unique among all. Perhaps there is no need to send handwritten letters and wait for months to receive a reply from your family or friends overseas, the release of WhatsApp has removed all such hassle. 

A major reason why WhatsApp is so common is that it is free! Anyone can join and from anywhere. All you need is a cellphone and a registered number. It’s a free bundle of numerous services that has facilitated people from all groups including businessmen. Law Essay writing help can assist users to gain insight regarding this new eye-catching feature introduced by Whatsapp. 

Encryption in Simple Words

With the growth in demand and popularity among the population, WhatsApp has been continually adding more features to bring ease in our lives and there is no doubt about that. It is no surprise, however, that users have always questioned the security WhatsApp provides for the shared information and conversations with others. Taking this worry into consideration the app placed an informative phrase saying ‘messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted’ couple of years ago. Which means that whatever the user sends via WhatsApp to another person, the data remains confidential under all circumstances. 

Encryption in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Data means protecting all the data sent, received and stored using any device. What it actually does, is that it in the process of delivering messages from one end to another, encryption turns the text into cipher text – a code that is unreadable, so that any message sent or received by the user is protected from all possibly harmful entities in between and reaches the end-user safely. The ciphertext however does not appear as an unreadable code in the end, it turns back to the original text. This reverting back to the original is call decryption. This is how encryption promises information security and the addition of this feature has made WhatsApp a safe place to exchange information.

Moreover, whatsaApp now is not only restricted to messages, calls and video calls, in fact it has expanded its services by allowing exchange of documents, files, locations and even contacts. All of these are personal information that need to be confidential for safety purposes. Thus, end-to-end encryption has played a vital role in winning the users’ trustworthiness.  

WhatsaApp is Testing Encrypted Cloud Backups on Android 

WhatsApp is one of the ever-evolving apps that keep user’s good experiences a high priority, unlike other applications. This is why it is the most used and reliable application among all for the exchange of information and communication. 

To take it up a notch, WhatsApp with the new update has launched another feature that will enable users to encrypt their chat backups on the cloud. This is considerably new for all the users as who knew encryption could be upgraded as well. This system is enabled in the WhatsApp’s most recent update of Android beta. That’s one thing about technology and artificial intelligence, it drives innovation. 

Back-up of data has been part of software and applications for a long but to secure the backed up data is a new idea. This feature of Whatsapp was first introduced in March 2020 and now, after a year, it is finally allowed in the field for users. To secure the backed-up data on the cloud, the instant messaging application will allow customers to set a password before uploading any data on Google Drive. This feature, however, is only made available for android users for now and is expected to be allowed for iOS people users as well in the later coming months. 

This service is exclusive of data that is already stored on Google Drive, this will apply to the backup upload only after the update has been done on the device for the feature. This being said, users will have to put their password whenever they want to restore from their backup on the drive. There is one major thing to take care of while doing so, is to set a password that does not slip from the mind. In case it is forgotten, it will lead to big trouble and inconvenience as this password is not shared with Google or WhatsApp. 

Another option is to opt for a 64-digit encryption key that is auto-generated by the application. With this option, the user can demand a backup of the key. However, the significant caveat of this special feature is that once the password or the 64-digit key is forgotten, all the stored data will be looked away permanently as the user will not be able to access it any other way. 

Follow these steps Toto activates the updated version of end-to-end encryption:

  • Open the WhatsaApp Aapplication and tap on the three dots located at the top right corner
  • Go to setting, then chats and then chat back-up
  • Under Google Drive Settings, tap on “Encrypt your backups”
  • Select “Continue” and then “Create Password”
  • Last, enter the password and tap “Next”
  • Confirm the password by re-entering it and then the encryption with enable 

It must be remembered, however, that only at the password selection stage, the user can choose to obtain the auto-generated 64-digit key.

Why Encryption is becoming a Necessity  

People have been wanting to access their downloaded applications from multiple devices that they own. This is because at times their cellphones may be out of reach and or just usable at the moment. For instance, while working on the computer for prolonged hours, many would want to check messages on the Facebook-owned messaging platform. And so want all their data to be synched in all their devices. WhatsApp has again been able to successfully address the issue by taking the phones out of the equation.

They had announced the rollout of their multi-device capability feature which allowed users to use WhatsApp from all connected devices. Most importantly, the level of privacy and security is being maintained through popular end-to-end encryption nonetheless. 

With the proliferation of technology and its evolving features, internet privacy has become a real issue. Considering that hacking is now among the big businesses and many entities are profiting from it, a secure place to exchange and store information has become a necessity. 

Stating facts, WhatsApp messenger has taken the social media world by storm! There is no doubt that this idea has curb down cybercrime significantly. Their outstanding system architecture makes sure everything remains protected from the slightest glance of the prying eyes. This is what makes WhatsApp the most reliable and convenient application for users. 

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