Foray Into The Alluring Real Estate Business With A Zillow Clone App

At some phase of life, all of us would have marched upon streets to find properties or rental homes. On the other hand, we would be running behind real estate agents who promised us to find a better place to stay. And somewhere in between, we will be losing all our patience and time. This kind of scenario existed before the era of the internet.

After the advent of technology, we started relying on them to find properties and accommodations. Thus, we laid the foundation for real estate apps. As individuals, we use quite a lot of mobile apps in our daily routines. This has led to the idea of developing a dedicated application for property seekers. 

Real estate apps are nothing but a forum for individuals to find or gather information about properties. For example, Zillow is a real estate application that acts as a platform for people to buy, sell and rent properties by featuring them in the app. These apps become the first choice for people to search homes and properties. More than agents, this is more trustworthy for people to buy or sell their properties. 

How does Zillow remain competent in the market through its flawless services?

Zillow was launched in 2006 as a website for property listing. People can use this site to find properties to either rent or buy or to sell. The app faced several ups and downs to reach the position it has obtained now. 

It aimed at providing every possible information and knowledge about properties and homes to the users. This real estate application is widely accessed by house owners, property owners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, mortgages, landlords, and property owners to share every information about their properties. 

The app focuses on three aspects- buying, selling, and renting properties. Individuals have to specifically mention the type of service they want to opt for. Based on that, the app will list the results. 

Buyers – People who are looking to buy properties or homes can directly buy them through Zillow offers. Otherwise, there is another option where they buy directly from the owners or through agents. 

Rentals – The app has a separate column for the users to find rental homes. They can also fill in the application prompted by the app. This will speed up the process of finding homes. 

Sellers- There are three types of selling properties or homes through this app. 

  • The sellers can feature their properties in the app. Interested buyers will approach them to proceed further.
  • They can hire real estate agents through whom they want to sell their homes. 
  • The property owners can directly sell their properties to Zillow through Zillow offers. The app will pay the money to the sellers. 

How can you enter the real estate market swiftly through a Zillow clone script?

Real estate is quite an alluring business for entrepreneurs. It is the best revenue-generating option where people earn their commissions in high numbers. With a real estate app like Zillow, you can master the business and flourish out in colors. 

If you are in search of a perfect real estate clone script, then I would suggest you go with a Zillow clone app. You can just replicate the features and develop your own version of the app. 

Building an app from ground level is challenging, and you end up paying more to your app developers. Instead, there is a smart solution where you can opt for a ready-made Zillow clone which will save your time and money. 

What are the important features to include in a Zillow app clone?

While developing a Zillow like the app, make sure that you have the following features in it

Proper listing 

As a real estate app, it is very important to maintain an extensive property listing. After deciding on the listings, it needs to be maintained frequently. You have to watch the listings clearly. If a property is sold, then you should know when to remove them from the listing. An effective property listing will help you gain more users for your app. 

Buy/rent/lease properties. 

As discussed earlier, your Zillow clone should cover all the aspects like buying, selling, and renting. So, your app should enable people to advertise their properties on your app for renting or selling or leasing. You can also categorize and list them in your app. 

Advanced map search 

As a real estate application, it is important to integrate an advanced map search option for the users to get real-time results. Moreover, this will enable the users to go through the app to get better search results. 

Integrated calculator 

The app should have an integrated calculator for the users to calculate the mortgage, rent amount, buy amount, quick estimates, etc. So whenever the users are interested in a property, they can immediately calculate them in the calculator and find their property fares. 

Upload images and descriptions 

The property owners who want to rent or sell or lease their properties can list them on the app. They can also add a description of their property near the images. This helps the users to have a better view of the house or property. 

Reviews and ratings 

The users can give their honest reviews and feedback on the app. This will help the other agents or fellow users to know about the properties. They can share their views and experience about any particular property and make it public for other users to see. 

Wrapping up,

The rise of the internet and technological advancements have paved the way for mobile applications. Hunting for properties is easy with these applications where people can buy, sell or lease properties without much stress. Entrepreneurs can foray into the real estate market with a well-developed Zillow clone app

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