Best 8 Healthcare Recruitment Tips for Staffing Agencies in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthcare has been facing healthcare facility shortages for a long period of time. The story of less pay and protection is not new. It has become a challenging situation as nurses are afraid to work in hospitals. In the COVID situation, staffing for healthcare workers is a very difficult task. However, it is not impossible to win trust and build rapport. Empathy and trust will help you win this battle. Irrespective of how situations get worse, you must never give up on them. Hence we will show you the path of winning the trust.

Here are certain tips that staffing agencies can adopt for healthcare recruitment

Do not ignore your old employees

The safety of old employees should not be compensated for the new employees. It is essential to remember the value of the old employees. The entire process starts with making sure the old employees are safe. You must ensure that the company where your old employees work is following the proper safety protocols. Also, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees are paid according to the services that they are providing.

Update proper job description

When potential candidates will join companies, they will look for extra benefits. As they are joining the company at the time of the pandemic, they will look for what’s different in it for me. Therefore, you must update a short and crisp job description. You must use more pointers about the perks that they will get. Mainly you have to fill in the gaps of “why a candidate should apply for the job”. They will look into more agencies just like yours. To stand out, your description should be worth applying for.

Show the worth of your recruiters

This is one of the best ways to boost morality and confidence among potential candidates. The recruiters of your company may not work on the frontline but they are putting up equal effort. Be it working from home or the office, they are sacrificing their leisure to find the best healthcare candidates. Your recruiting staff can endorse your company by posting testimonials on social media sites. They can show how they are working tirelessly to make the healthcare facilities strong. By doing this, the potential candidates will not feel left out. They will not fight this battle alone.

Use more time on the social platforms

You should be present where your crowd is present. Those days are gone when people used to look for recruitments in newspapers or dropped CVs on the respective hospitals. The world has gone digital now and people look for opportunities on the social media platform. You must upload good content on social media sites consistently. There are different community help groups and recruitments groups in social media where you can give postings. You can also plan advertisements on social media to capture a large audience. Opening websites and sharing blogs will be the best way to get more people recruited.

High Competition

The competition is very high and difficult to beat in the staffing company for healthcare recruitment. You must be thinking about how this is possible when the demand for healthcare facilities is high. Demand is indeed high but the supply is extremely low. Healthcare workers are abstaining to join due to fear of life. Apart from that, the news of shortage of safety types of equipment, less care, and low protection of employees has increased the tension of health care workers. You have to build a strong pitch in order to stand out.

Rescue the ones who are not hired from nursing school

This is one of the best and underrated marketing strategies to recruit healthcare workers. Many nurses don’t get selected from nursing school. In spite of having the potential, they are turned away from the nursing schools. It is difficult to gain back their trust but not impossible to secure. You must keep a strong, authentic, and real pitch to have the nurses back. Otherwise, you can tie up with the nursing schools so that both of you can reasonably recruit potential candidates. It is an effective way of recruitment for the nurses who deserve a chance.

Campus recruitment

Campus recruitment is still one of the best talents to give a scope. Freshers have a unique and new approach to things. It makes sense to recruit promising new talent in the wake of Covid. Especially, in this dire situation, they can be of huge help. As freshers do not have many years of experience, they can handle patients with mediocre infection levels. Experienced doctors can concentrate on serious COVID cases while less experienced can look after mediocre or less serious cases. Such distribution of workload can help in equal distribution of work.

Create an online COVID resource center

When you can build a rapport and connection, you will get more candidates. Most healthcare candidates are afraid that they have a family to return to. COVID affects an individual with the surrounding people. Hence, health care workers trust staffing agencies that give easy information on the COVID resources. They appreciate when they have emergency numbers within their grasp. You must update all the easily accessible emergency information so that the employees get it easily. People are scared to keep information that can be used by nurses easily. For more information, you can on click for more info to leading healthcare recruitment agency dubai.


No matter how long this list gets, you must always continue doing the right thing. The simple ways in which you can excel are by taking care of your team, communicating to know about their requirements, and by being a good and caring human being above all. It might be a challenge to get the right talent. However, it won’t be if you build a connection with the potential candidates. You can click for more info from a leading healthcare recruitment agency in Dubai and get a lot of information about staffing. Nevertheless,  staffing will be smooth if you can give the right pitch.



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