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Ordering food online in today’s day has become a widespread trend. All types of communities from middle-class people to high-class people, love to order food from outside and enjoying it with their family and friends. Ordering food from outside now is very reliable and affordable. In this way, the customer who ordered the food, the restaurant who is providing the food and the rider who delivers the food, and also the management who is the owner of the app and manages this whole process and all obtain benefits in the process. All the mobile food delivery apps use andRestaurant management software follow a similar online food ordering process model. The model is demonstrated as follows:

  • Customers place their order through the food delivery app.
  • The restraint then gets a notification regarding the order, and the owner can decide whether to accept or reject the order.
  • After the order is accepted by the owner, the delivery person has to accept the order in order to be able to see pick-up or deliveryand location to be seen on his app in the phone.
  • The delivery person then moves towards the restaurant and pick up the order from there.
  • Customers can also track their order with the rider position.
  • Rider then confirms and delivers the order to the customer.
  •  The rider and customer both then get a message in order to confirm the delivery.

How to build an online food ordering app script?

Research the market and be fully aware of your completion

Approach a good app development company to get your app properly functional.

Check out the website of the company and if they offer features like customization of app, after launch services, and technical support thereafter.

 Demo the readymade food delivery app before making the purchase.

The company will hand over to you a SEO-friendly app and you can take it forward from there.

Here are some must have that should be included in the food delivery app script to make it quite the best:

  • Offers management: Offers can be provided for the users either by the admin or the restaurant so the customers can keep coming back to order more.
  • Advanced filter option: it will help extracting data based on the user.
  • Live tracking: the users should be able to track their order and the driver’s location with the GPS.
  • Vehicle management: total number of vehicles used for delivery can be managed in the admin panel
  • Order management: if there are many order placed at the restaurant at the same point of time, one must ensure the orders are managed properly
  • Drivers document verification: the drivers would have to upload their documents and details initially to be verified.
  • Driver offline/online: the driver can only see orders that have been placed recently only if he is online and not otherwise.
  • Restaurant status: certain information after placing the order of a product should be visible to the customers. Information like: processing of food, making of the food, packaging of food and food ready for departure.
  • SEO Friendly: the app should be SEO friendly in order to reach out to as many people as possible and gain maximum traffic.
  • Customizable: the script used for making food delivery apps should be easily customizable in order to meet the customer’s specifications.

Top Features of a Food Delivery app

A smart and functioning food delivery app script will surely help you increase sales, here are some highlight features of the food delivery app scripts:

  1. Menu builder: a food ordering script allows you to make menus that can be easily inserted in your website.
  2. Customers and orders: with the help of software, one can see and edit all the orders and review the consumers information
  3. Extras: you can add meal extras like cheese, vegetables, sauces etc. so that the customers can view and choose if they want to add it in their orders.
  4. Vouchers and coupons: create vouchers and coupon codes for you customers that they can use while ordering from your restaurants.
  5. SMS’s and Push Notifications: keep sending your customers SMS’s and notifications at different events. You can create personalized messages for both admins and customers.
  6. Pickup and delivery: with a well-defined food delivery app script, the pick-up and delivery process can be very easy.
  7. Integrating payments: the food delivery app script must have various ways of payments like PayPal, google pay, Paytm, credit cards, debit cards included in it.

Top reasons for using Food Delivery App Script for your Business

  1. Pricing structure: the admin can pick out between two pricing arrangements across the system. The first option levies a tax on the total bill and the other lets the restaurants charge tax on the individual item. It is the choice of the admin.
  1. Strong customer authentication compliance: SCA is a compliant requirement that accepts payments online. A food delivery app script is yielding right out of the box.
  1. Contact-less and QR menus: QR Code menu maker creates QR menu’s that allow the in-store customers to scan a QR code at the restaurant/ venue to order food from the restaurant easily without any use of the physical menus.
  1. Authorize and capture: Cap & Auth, if built into the script of your app will reduce the outside influence on your business and thus, guarding you from deceitful chargebacks and probable disagreements with your bank.
  1. Languages: now the script also allows users to choose the language they are comfortable with to place orders.

6. Affordable: a delivery app script is very affordable along with the set-up assistance.

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