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Mobile App Development Technologies to Look for in 2021

2021 is surely the year of mobile technologies. The pandemic made mobile phones essential for their every requirement including businesses that understood the need to get a mobile app for their products. So, we can say that M-commerce is getting all the bright flashlights after the pandemic.

If you want to start with developing a mobile app for your business, it is advisable to hire android application developers for android based apps. If you want to make apps based on iOS, you can hire iPhone developers. Although there is an ongoing controversy on which technology will rule in the mobile application industry, there are still a few names already under the spotlight like:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become a highlight across several industries. In simple terms, AI is a system that can copy intelligent actions and make autonomous decisions. The finest example of AI is when you say, “Hey Google,” Google Assistant will help you with your concern. That is because of AI integration.

AI-powered Machine Learning approaches are helpful to study user behavior and improve the quality of products. This can save money spent on inaccurate audience research.

With functionalities like voice recognition and face identification that are powered by AI and ML, the app development organization can integrate high-end security features like Two-factor validation.

An increase in the number of incidents of cyber-attacks and data breaches in the mobile app industry has kept the IT people on their toes. Companies are giving the top importance to the security of data stored in the business app and are investing hefty amounts for the same. Today, advancements in AI and ML can lend a helping hand in this situation. Both of these technologies can reduce the quantity of information misuse on the Internet and save your brand’s impression.


Chatbots are one of those advanced technology trends that have made their mark in the market since the day of their introduction. The integration of chatbots can improve the mobile app’s capabilities and enhance the user experience. It allows your audience to find the solutions to their concerns in real-time without any human interaction. In this way, you don’t have to spend on hiring a huge customer support team.

You can personalize the user experience by allowing the chatbot to fetch all the user-centric data so that customers don’t have to input the basic details every time they login. The most successful chatbot apps are Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Echo.

Subscription-Based Apps

Platforms like Google Workspace, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are popular subscription-based apps. It is highly expected that more businesses will start offering access to their products through a subscription-based model. There may be a rise in unexpected sectors too adapting this model.

Mobile Commerce App Development

Post COVID conversion rates from ecommerce mobile apps are much higher than mobile sites. Research says that more than 51% of internet users use their mobile phones to purchase products online and 66% say that they use shopping apps on their mobile devices. Clearly, people are more comfortable using mobile apps and as compared to mobile sites to find and purchase goods. Creating an appealing shopping app with user-friendly features like easy logins, return policies, safe transactions, daily updates, etc. will help you to survive in M-commerce.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are already known as the biggest achievement in the world of technology. Some of the examples are 3D driving maps, interactive learning, and realistic gaming. Both standalone and embedded AR-based mobile apps might increase their revenue soon. This is because the 5G internet is on its way and it can make it possible to implement the AR approach in every field from production to the educational sector. Moreover, several advanced AR hardware development is taking place which may affect the latest app trends.

Mobile Wallets

With the increasing purchase of goods online, the demand for online payment services is also increasing. Convenient and safe wallet apps are high in demand. These include mobile wallet platforms with client apps, retailer apps that use e-commerce technologies, a number of banks, and P2P platforms accessible from a specific bank app. All of them are in high demand and might stay the same.


The most awaited 5G hype is lurking in a few companies already with its hat of network speed and shoes to consume all the traffic. Big names in smartphone manufacturers like Samsung have already launched 5G-enabled smartphones. 5G may become a standard to determine the speed of the Internet and traffic capacity in upcoming years.

The 5G network will also leave its impact on mobile app development. High-end 3D applications and games with advanced features of AR and other technologies will adopt the 5G mobile network in no time.

Instant Apps

Instant apps enable the app users to utilize the basic functionalities of the app without installing them. This works best when companies want to give a demo or provide a memory-efficient app to their customers. Instant apps also attract users to download the app after using its basic features.

Location Tracking Apps

As mobile apps are gaining popularity, most of the applications seek permissions to track the user’s location for providing location-based services. Location-tracking apps collect data about the user’s demographics.

Companies can manage local marketing campaigns and the on-demand delivery model with the help of location-tracking apps. Companies can also run location-based promotional campaigns for their target audience.

Final Words

Apart from the above trends, we can predict that IoT apps will also gain popularity among entrepreneurs. With this, AR and VR technologies, a mobile-based payment system, and 5G without fail will remain in focus under the mobile app development domain. As the number of apps will increase in huge numbers on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, we can expect that apps will come with features based on the mentioned trends


When you give services on a trendy device like a mobile phone, you should be aware of the technology trends glowing up on that device more brightly right? So, here are the top technologies trends for you to follow in 2021 for mobile development.

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