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Uber for maids: How to launch an app to hire for on-demand house cleaning services?

If you have been taking heed of the on-demand sector, then you would have known that there are many business opportunities. Other than the most usual on-demand business like taxi booking, food delivery, etc., there is a cluster of other businesses like laundry services, babysitting, cleaning services, etc.

To give you a wider perspective of the on-demand maid/cleaning services, this blog has been curated. The content of this blog will include the different types of maid/cleaning services, how to develop an app for carrying out the cleaning services business, and the revenue model.

Classification of on-demand maid services

  • Laundry services – There is no big wonder that the laundry services are available on-demand for people. While people order food online because they don’t have time to cook. Likewise, laundry services are in dire need for people who have a busy routine. The app user can book the laundry service provider through the app and a dedicated person will collect the clothes from the user, wash/iron them and return the clothes to the user. 
  • Elder-care services – Elders at home need special attention. Usually, people need assistance to look after elders, which can be easily accomplished by using on-demand elder-care services. The app user has to enter the number of assistants needed for them and make the payment.
  • Babysitter services – Similar to elders, babies do need special attention. Mostly, people hire babysitters if they find it difficult to balance work and babies. Through the app, users can book any babysitter either based on the location or charge.
  • Cooks – Hiring cooks is the best alternative for ordering food outside. The app will contain detailed information about cooks and their experiences. On the whole, every staple work can be accomplished through on-demand services.

Classification of on-demand cleaning services

  • Household cleaning services – Users can hire cleaning service professionals for domestic purposes like floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, etc. 
  • Commercial cleaning services – Other than domestic cleaning, professionals are available for cleaning commercial areas like schools, offices, public halls, etc.

How to roll out your on-demand cleaning services business online?

You have to invest in developing a website along with a mobile application for both Android and iOS. As you know, we all rely on mobile apps more than websites. So, developing a mobile app is highly essential for your on-demand cleaning services business. 

If you are still circling over the traditional app development methods, it’s time to know about the ready-made and customizable app development. Clone app development is quickly becoming popular as it is ready-made. So when an app is ready-made, one can just launch it on the preferred app stores.

Clone app development is applicable for every type of app development project. If you are interested in the idea of on-demand cleaning services and want to provide different categories like laundry, babysitting, elder-care services, etc., then the Gojek clone app is the best suitable app solution.

Cardinal features of the on-demand maid/cleaning services app

  • Instant and scheduled booking

From the category of the cleaning services, users can select and book them. If they don’t want to avail themselves of the service anytime soon, they can schedule the right date/timings on the app.

  • In-app payment 

For availing of any of the services, users can perform transactions through the app. For more convenience, you can add the wallet feature so that users can quickly add through the app’s wallet.

  • In-app messenger

Users can simply make use of the app’s messenger feature to contact the service provider.

  • History

Users can refer to the history of bookings through the history feature. The history feature is combined with the rebooking feature that allows users to avail themselves of the same cleaning services again.

  • Push notifications

Messages regarding the bookings or offer-related information will be sent to the users/service providers as push notifications.

  • Earnings 

The service providers are paid after the completion of the cleaning service. The app will automatically distribute the earnings to the service provider post the completion of the work.

  •  Cancellation

Users can cancel the service bookings. You can set the timings before which the user can cancel the service booking. Similarly, the cancellation option is also available in the service provider’s app. The service provider can also cancel the booking if they have other commitments. 

  • Analytics

Fetching insights regarding your business is easy through the analytics dashboard of the app. Through an analytics dashboard, you can know the number of services booked, areas from which most of the bookings have come, etc. 

How can you generate income through the cleaning services business?

  • Cancellation charges

Any online booking service imposes cancellation charges. You can set the percentage of the cancellation charges based on the timings. For example, if a user cancels the booking before 1 hour, you can charge a certain rate. Similarly, if a user cancels the booking within a few minutes after booking, then you can deduct a substantial amount.

  • Commission charges

You will get commissions from the cleaning service providers whenever they get booking through your app. 

  • Advertisement fees

Your cleaning services app will contain a banner section for displaying ads. If you get advertisement collaboration with third-party businesses, you can display it on your app and get the advertisement fees.

Metrics that will let you know the total cost of app development

There are different metrics in various stages of app development. All the metrics together will be taken into consideration while estimating the total cost of app development. 

  • Native or hybrid app development
  • Nature of complexity of the project
  • The total number of features
  • Country of the app development company
  • Total hours consumed for the overall development

Final thoughts

Starting out a business is effortless these days, as you can get access to resources and app development solutions quickly. You can begin your planning phase to know the scope of your on-demand cleaning services business. You can launch the house cleaning services app and other services with ready-made multi services app solutions in no time. I hope that this blog pitched the benefits of on-demand cleaning services app development.

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