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An Extensive Guide On The Online Educational Platform And Udemy Clone App Development

Online education is vastly being preferred by people irrespective of whether they are students or professionals. The thirst for consuming knowledge from online portals and apps are steering towards the development of apps like Udemy. First, let us start with some of the stats related to online education and then seep into the Udemy clone app development.

Stats on global online education

  • As per the stats of 2020, online learning has increased by $38 billion. 
  • The application of gamification and augmented reality in online education has generated $300 million in revenue in the year 2020.
  • Interestingly, 80% of organizations and 50% of students have used online learning platforms in addition to their academics.
  • Around 28% of companies have shifted their training programmes for employees online. 

Hence, these statistical reports prove the essence of online learning among companies and students.

Udemy and its statistics

Before, we saw the stats regarding the trend of online learning. Now, we will particularly look into the stats regarding Udemy.

  • Udemy is a popular e-learning platform that houses more than 130,000 courses.
  • The number of users as of 2020 was more than 35 million across the globe.
  • Udemy has more than 57,000 instructors, and the number of languages available is more than 65.

Udemy offers a slew of courses covering every subject and has both paid and free courses. Alright! Having discussed the stats of online education and Udemy, let us head to learn in detail regarding the Udemy clone app development.

Why Udemy clone script is a perfect choice?

Developing an online educational portal is paired with many complexities, which will take more time to develop. The clone app scripts are saviors in terms of budget constraints and timing as well. If you make a comparison between the clone app development and other app development methods, you will infer that the former is time-efficient.

The best part about the Udemy clone script is that it is ready to launch. So, if given a choice between lengthy app development and a ready-made app, you will go behind the ready-made app, right? So, these are the reasons that the Udemy clone script is the best choice for you.

Plain workflow of Udemy app

Registration and login – The instructor and the learner will have to first register themselves. They will receive the confirmation message, and after that, they can log in to the app.

Access courses – Once the learners log in, they can start browsing the courses through the categories section. For cutting down the browsing process, they can use the search bar.

Payments – Once the learner chooses to purchase a course, he/she has to pay for the course by choosing any payment methods. 

Download – The learner can access the course online or else even download the courses for reference.

Certification generation – The learners have to complete the course, and post-completion, they will get the certificate.

Amount credit – The amount paid by the learner will be credited to the instructor’s account.

Thus, the app is easy to access and simple. The upcoming section discusses the Udemy clone script app’s features. You must also note that these features are generally implemented. You can add some supplementary features to the app and make it enhance.

Get to know the enhancing features of the Udemy clone

  • Course selection 

The app houses a sea of courses, which extends from marketing, app development, designing, soft skills, writing, etc. The learner can select a niche and then dive into the list of courses. Diving straight into the favourite course can be accomplished through the app’s search bar and filters.

  • Enrol

Some courses will be scheduled for a later date. Hence, learners must enrol in advance so that they can join the course once it commences. 

  • My courses

The learner can have a look at the number of courses he/she has enrolled in or completed.

  • Payments history

A detailed history of transactions made by the learner for accessing the courses will be available in the history section. The name of the course, along with the transaction details, will be available.

  • Learner dashboard

The learner dashboard is a comprehensive collection of the learner’s activities. Through the dashboard, the learner can know the number of courses enrolled in, completed, number of certificates, etc.

  • Review section

The learners can rate the courses they have completed and give reviews on app-related experience through the review section.

  • Instructor dashboard

The instructors can view the number of courses uploaded, the number of learners enrolled for the courses and the total earnings through the instructor dashboard.

  • Course list

Each instructor can view the list of courses posted by them. Anytime they can edit the courses and modules.

  • Admin dashboard

To help the administrator keep track of the app’s happenings, the dashboard feature is used. From this dashboard, you can track the number of courses uploaded on the app, the number of instructors and learners, transactions, etc.

So, before concluding, let us have a look at the horde of income sources from online learning platform like Udemy.

List of income streams

  • Paid courses – Whenever a learner purchases a paid course, you will get a certain amount from the payment as commission, and the remaining amount will be credited to the instructor.
  • Ads – Stream ads on your app, and acquire income. 
  • Premium membership plans – Frame membership plans that can be purchased by both learners and instructors. 

Summing up, the fast-paced online education system is a golden opportunity for you to launch an app like Udemy. 

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