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Start-up cost guide for entrepreneurs to launch a TikTok app

The TikTok app is the new hot topic of the town. The video creation and sharing app has become a sensation in recent times and is responsible for common apps like Facebook and Snapchat to lose their user base and engagement. The stats regarding the TikTok apps are very promising; with the app being the 6th most downloaded app globally, the current user base of the app reached 800 million active users. In a nutshell, TikTok has surpassed all competitive apps, which left other companies wondering and influenced them to invest in similar app ideas. If you are looking to build a similar app, go to this website for a top-notch TikTok clone. Now let us dive into the features and making of the app.

TikTok – The Idea and Concept

It is a video creation and sharing app used to share various types of videos with trending music. The app was launched in 2018 by ByteDance Company and quickly gained popularity within two years of its launch. This is due to features like free account creation, various filters, animation for engaging content, sharing videos on social media, and much more.

Important Features

If you are looking to develop an App similar to TikTok, it should contain some basic and essential features. You can go to this website for a top-notch TikTok clone, which will provide you with all the features that are mentioned below:

  •          User Login or Registration: When talking about a similar app like TikTok, login, and registration features are the critical features to consider. The feature provides users to share data on other social media apps as well.
  •          Uploading and saving the videos: The fundamental functionality of these apps is to allow the users to record and upload their videos on the platform seamlessly.
  •          Notification: It is essential to include the notification feature that notifies the user about any comment, share, or other updates on the videos they posted on the platform.
  •          Video editing and filters: The video editing and filters or effects help the users of the platform create engaging, innovative, and engaging content to be shared on the platform.
  •          Video-Sharing: Adding the sharing option assists in increasing the number of users on your app. It allows the users to share the videos on other social media platforms.

Cost to build an iOS or Android App

The cost to build an app for either or both platforms, i.e. iOS and Android, depends on features you want to incorporate and the time required to include them. We have created a list to provide you with an estimate of the cost.

FeaturesApproximate Cost
Log in & Registration$3,550
Upload Video$1,150
Filter & Effects$8,400
Video Editing$4,900
Like & Comments$4,200
Admin Panel$1,950

Factors that influence the cost

Other unique features of apps like TikTok add some extra costing to the development charges like Operating Platform, UX/UI Design, Development Team. The costs may vary depending on your choice.


Social media video-sharing apps are currently top-rated among teens, and TikTok tops the popularity chart. If you want to create something similar, go to this website for top-notch TikTok clone. The overall costing for the development will come around $40,000, but you can hope it will become the next sensation. 

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