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Spring Colors Guaranteed to Make Your Home Feel Fresh

For many, the arrival of spring means warmer weather and getting out of the house. But for homeowners, it can mean a fresh start to spruce up your home with new colors. The flowers are blooming, the air smells fresh, and nature wakes up from its winter slumber. So it’s no wonder that people associate this season with new beginnings! If you’re someone who wants to bring some of that spirit into your home this year, there are enormous ideas to do it. One way is by incorporating spring colors in your interior design choices. This blog post will look at the spring colors guaranteed to make your home feel fresh and bright!

What colors can you use to make your home feel fresh? There are plenty of choices, depending on the type of effect and mood that you want. Here’s a list:

Pale Pink

Pale pink is soothing. It pairs well with any color variant from yellow to green, but it also looks great when used as an accent color in the home. For example, a light pink wall and a touch of white and pink accents in the bedroom is a great Spring color choice. Also, an area rug in the blue hue will cheer up the entire room. You can also opt for a light shade of pink and white living room furniture with another contrasting color.

Pale Yellow

Spring colors make my home feel fresh and new. Yellow is one of the most popular spring colors, which we love because it makes us think about warm sunshine on a beautiful day. The color looks great on walls or as an accent piece in your bedroom for kids’ rooms too! If you want to wake up the room in an instant and give it a feeling of warmth, pale yellow is perfect. It’s bright enough but not too overwhelming when used as an accent wall or for furniture pieces. For example, painting one wall with this shade can make all your other walls feel more neutral.

Olive Green

This green hue reminds us of freshness and newness. It’s also a great color for our homes because green makes us think of the outdoors and well-being. This is the perfect pick if your home needs some fresh air or you want to bring more life into it! Paint olive green on one wall in an accent area like above a couch or next to a window that overlooks a lush garden.

Blue Green

This is a great color to use if you want something calming and peaceful in your space. Blue-green has been shown to reduce stress levels because it makes us feel more at ease, exactly what we need when unwinding after a long day. Try painting one wall this hue for the same effect. Or put on this shade living room rug to give the heart of your home a fresh vibe.


Greens are a classic color that never goes out of style. Use it in your home to create a feeling of warmth and connection with nature. Paint one wall this hue for a fresh look, or buy an accent rug to give your living room more depth. At the same time, This is the go-to color for an eco-friendly home. Green brings out a sense of calm that nature can’t provide on its own, so this hue will help you feel less stressed in your space. If green isn’t what you’re looking for, try painting another wall a dark shade of blue.


The perfect color for any girly girl, pink is the most popular feminine color on the market today, with nearly every major paint manufacturer having at least one variety to choose from. The hue also has a calming effect and can make you feel less stressed in your space. If it’s not what you are looking for, try light or darker shades of purple. A hot pink color can help brighten up a room, but it’s not the best color for neutral tones or earth colors. If you love this shade, try to find décor, such as cushions and frames that bring out the vibrant hue. 

Lime green

If you are looking to bring pop color inside then lime green is your answer! It’s the perfect accent color for any space that needs some life or another shade. Plus, it can make your home feel fresh and new without going overboard on trendy colors like mint green or light blue, which might feel outdated after a few years.

Light Purple

Purple is the sign of spring. It looks great on the interior and gives a glamorized look. If you are looking for a sophisticated touch to your space, light purple is the way to go. If you want something that will accentuate different shades of blue in your home’s decor, try darker shades like dark plum or deep purple. This color goes surprisingly well with lighter spaces and can tie together what you chose or design. A purple shade on the wall might not be your first thought, but it can make a room feel more vibrant and inviting.

Green Yellow

A bright green-yellow is one best color for spring because it reminds the sun’s rays peeking out after a snowy winter day. Once you have this color in your home, you will never want to go back to any other shade. But, it’s better to restrict the color to upholstery or cushions and curtains. The color is not the right choice for walls.

Gray Green

If you are looking for a color that will make your home feel like it’s spring year-round, then gray-green is what you’re looking for. This shade of green has been popular this time of year because it brings out all the earthy tones found in nature after winter thaws into warmer weather.

Summing Up

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your home an update that will make it feel fresh, new, and vibrant. We recommend using these three colors in your decorating this spring for guaranteed success! Choose from our wide selection of rugs with these color palettes, or visit RugKnots online store to order yours today.

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