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How To Build Video Chat App like Zoom

In today’s virtual and socially distant pandemic times, the popularity for video calling has grown more than ever. Popularity of video chats is growing more than ever. Global downloads of one of the leading video apps, Zoom, was recorded to be around 27 million in 2020 pandemic phase. Given the digital dominance across the globe, video communication is likely to observe a rise in the future. Do you want to build a video chat app like Zoom? We can help! In this article, we shall discuss all the relevant points revolving around video app creation. Read on. 

Why Build a Video Calling App like Zoom? 

People love the idea of quick interactions these days. And video conferencing is one of the fastest ways of connecting with people. It not only allows you to instantly communicate with your family and loved ones but also opens doors to smooth collaborations in a remote work set up. Let’s dig deep into some of the best functions of video chat apps. 

Video conferencing for collaboration 

The perks of video conferencing are not just limited to personal communications. It can be used for business purposes as well. You can utilize it for collaborating with your remote team effectively. Smoother communications within the team give way to better work flow. 

Sales-oriented video chatting 

 One-on-one video interaction is appreciated by most of the consumers. It allows you to help your customers comprehend your product and service better. You can quickly attend to their queries and doubts and can help them navigate your platform efficiently. This can ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction, thereby, driving more sales. 

Enhanced team growth via group video chats 

Video chatting bridges all communications between corporate different platforms. Teams from various verticals can collaborate easily via group video conferencing. It helps understand each other’s views regarding a particular professional objective. Video chatting leads to better clarity on business goals and, thereby, helps accomplish them faster. 

Popular Features of an efficient live Video Calling App 

There are myriad features that make a video calling app such as Zoom successful. One of the top features being the flexible compatibility that makes it easier to operate on all sorts of platforms. Let’s take a close look at some more features that are essential for building a white label video chat app

Registration and profile creation 

This is a basic video chat feature that includes a simple sign-up process to ensure long-term customer engagement. It helps get customer’s basic information to enhance the user experience. Also, a good app should have a profile section wherein the user can put his details to become identifiable by other users. It is advised to have two sections in any app. One should be for app admins and the other for app users. 

Status function 

It helps set better clarity regarding communication availability. Status feature helps you identify whether your chat companions are online or away. Hence, it enables you to reach people at the right time. 

Contact list synchronization 

Top video app feature that allows you to synchronize your phone’s contact list with the app. It not only allows you to import contacts from your phone but also your social media accounts and google contact list. 

Group voice and video calling 

Video calling is an essential feature for any video chat app. But it should also have an audio calling feature. The audio quality should be loud and clear while the video should be of HD quality. Your app should be able to function in real-time and should allow at least 40 participants to join the call. Leading apps don’t put any limit to the number of participants. 

Online broadcasting 

Your app should support real-time online streaming. You can utilize third-party integrations for this purpose. Online broadcasting helps in remote training and virtual team collaborations. 

6.Text messaging 

Text messages are an instant mode of communication. An efficient video chat app should have a text message function. 


Privacy is one of the top concerns of users nowadays. Hence, you need to make sure that your app is secured with end-to-end encryption. 

8. Screen share 

This is a must-have feature for any video chat app. It helps you make professional presentations with ease and enables you to conduct tutorials for new team members. This way, you can utilize the screen share feature for educational features. 

9. Mute option 

Every video chat app should have a mute feature. It enables all the participants to speak one by one at a time and avoids chaos and confusion. 

10.Virtual communication signal

It is a fun way of participating in conversations. Users can convey their will to participate via chat signals such as hand wave or raise. You can also utilize emoji for this purpose. 

11. Push notifications feature 

Push notifications help engage in conversations instantly. It provides you with all the necessary updates regarding your chats via new chat notification, conversation invite and many others. 

12. Multiple virtual backgrounds 

Bakgrounds add fun to the conversations and help hide messy house backgrounds during important professional meetings. 

13. Noise alleviation 

Popular video chat app feature that allows you to mute background sound, allowing the speaker to stand out in the conversation. 

How Much does it Cost To Create a Video Calling app? 

Creating a video calling app involves multiple stages and each stage has a different cost structure. The cost of production of your chat app also depends on the types of functionalities you want. It is important to set your app budget before starting the development process. Let’s have a closer look at the steps involved in the development of a video chat app. 

Discovery stage 

The discovery phase includes the following: 

  1. UI/UX 

Focus on building a smart user interface that is highly responsive and enhances customer satisfaction. 

  1. Front end 

Effective front end languages such as Kotlin, Swift, Javascript and others are essential for your app. 

  1. Backend 

You need an efficient backend to house your chat servers. You can utilize Swagger for API documentation and AWS for building a robust infrastructure. 

  1. Testing

Once you have developed and implemented all the features for your app, it is important to perform a quality assurance test. You can check all the functionalities to identify bugs and can address them immediately. 

Video Call integration for iOS

It is important to build a video chat app considering customized solutions for iOS platform. Here’s a quick overview of important features. 

  • iOS Software Development Kit 

   Use easy to use SDKs to integrate video calling into your iOS app. Use SDKs that support high    quality video calls on your iOS device. 

  • Programming language 

       You can use Swift for iOS apps. 

  • Video chat app protocol 

     Leverage WebRTC servers to ensure security and better video streaming. 

Video call integration for Android 

Make sure to utilize features that are compatible with Android devices. Have a look at the details mentioned below: 

  • Video call SDK 

Choose a video chat SDK that is android-specific. 

  • Programming language 

Leverage Kotlin for android apps.

  • Video chat app protocol

Use WebRTC to prioritize user security. 

Video Conferencing API providers

You need third-party API service providers to enhance the video conferencing experience of your app. Let’s discuss some of the top features of leading video app API providers. 

CONTUS  MirrorFly – Level up your video communication 

CONTUS MirrorFly Video Call API is the perfect choice for creating video chat apps.  It is a customizable API and can run on iOS, android and web applications. Some of the best features of Contus MirrorFly video chat solution are multi-member participation, video recording, video broadcasting, private chats, end to end encryptions and many more. You can host unlimited webinars and seminars and conduct myriad professional remote collaborations.

  1. Twilio – Enhance video chat experience 

Twilio helps you craft real-time video apps. With a set of flexible APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android , Twilio enables you to build the best video chat communication solution for your app. Also, you get end-to-end encryption to ensure data privacy and security of your. Make way for high quality connections, media control and recordings with Twilio. 

  1. Sinch – Easy to implement video chat API

With easy integration and quick testing, Sinch can be your preferred video chat API provider. It supports personalized messaging, signaling Firewall, verification and many more. Moreover, it is easily compatible with android, iOS and web browsers. 

How To Monetize a video calling app? 

Monetization is also an important factor when it comes to the development of video chat applications. Garnering profits is one of the top priorities of developing a chat app. Want to learn the best way to accelerate monetization for your app? Don’t worry. We have got your back. Here are some quick tips: 

  1. Leverage Pay Per Download 

With Pay Per Download strategy, you get revenue on every single download performed. More the number of app downloads, more profit you earn. 

  1. Offer subscription 

There’s no denying that a free app version drives more attention but paid subscription  is also a viable option to ensure profit. You can ask the user to subscribe to certain additional features such as stickers or chat themes at a reasonable price. 

  1. Provide paid services 

You can customize some video chat features such as participation limit or broadcasting time at fair prices to earn revenues. 

  1. Build white label video chat app

   Ensure that your app is customizable so that it can be rebranded by others. It expands your scope of additional services. 

  1. Support content  merchandising 

Your video conference solution should support customization options such as emojis, stickers, and others to ensure popularity among the users. The more fun your app is to interact with, more are your app’s chances to reach the top of customer satisfaction. 

  1. Integrate advertising features into your app

Provide various brands with advertising options on your app. For instance, you can stream their ads on your app to gain profits generated via engagements. 

  1. Facilitate in-chat payments 

Try to build the app in a way that enables transactions in the chat interface. 

Develop a highly efficient video chat app to ring in good communication days! 

In today’s fast-paced communication age, videos are the best ways to click with your customers. We hope our article helped you gain valuable insights on video chat app development. Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on your video calling app development process and contribute your bit to enhance video experiences in present virtual times.


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