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How To Make An Application Like The Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is considered as an application that gives you the opportunity of voice chatting since last year for the people who were locked at home in the quarantine period. It became very popular within an instance of six months. Not only this but this is also known as a successful voice chat application worldwide. It gained its popularity at the end of 2020 with almost six thousand users worldwide. Twitter urged to buy Clubhouse for its amazing features and popularity. Many renowned applications like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, LinkedIn, and others are trying hard to bring up the same audio chatting features which could make their app more user-friendly and likable. They are trying to make it authentic and personalized. Just as applications like Instagram started a trend of stories that fade away in 24hrs attracted many people to use Instagram (even the new users). So it was copied by almost all the leading applications, but Instagram is still the highest preferred app. So let us discuss a bit about the creation of this voice chatting application which almost blew everything else. We will also be discussing its popularity, characteristics, expense, appearance and other details which I think would be necessary for you to know.

What is the reason behind the popularity of “Clubhouse” and why it is preferred by a lot of people?

First of all, do you know what is the significance of this application or why it was created? Let me answer you this. It is said to be an application that runs as an audio system, just as the other social networking sites. There are decorated themed spaces that consist of specific rooms for live streaming. The makers have derived the ideas of creating this app from other digital forms such as podcasts, zoom calls, or google meet app to form a single application to build something new out of these ideas. I will tell you how this works. When you enter this application. you get to introduce yourself and say what brings you here. You’ll then be directed to various chat rooms where you can join any conversation according to your likes and dislikes. You can also listen to the people who are present there just to speak. You can listen to them if they allow you to enter the room. You also get an opportunity or in other words, access to create your room if you want to discuss a particular topic or act as a speaker. It justifies the name of the application as the environment in the rooms is similar to an environment of a party.

The clubhouse isn’t the new application for you. There are still many of them like discord, gaming apps like Hago, you can do multiple kinds of stuff and still stay connected to many people just as being in a conference call with a bunch of friends. This real-time communication has given a chance to many unknown people to be connected, not only through social media but through audio chats as well. But this pandemic season was the best time to launch this application. And now you can see what a big hit it is. Instagram and other applications were addictive yet limited to scrolling and posting content but this is way more than that. To create a good customer-friendly application, you need to know about the basic as well as growing needs of the people all around so that it becomes satisfactory for almost all the people. The clubhouse did its research well before launching it to meet all the needs of people. Like other successful applications, it also became a mode of entertainment and refreshment for the people all around. Sitting at home doing nothing isn’t that easy as it seems. This application has helped various people to control their anxiety by letting everything out of their system in front of other vulnerable people. and they’ve all succeeded in helping each other. 

There are various characteristics of this application so that you all can find the common differences between “The Clubhouse” and other social media platforms which are trying to provide a similar service. 

  1. You see everything is happening in your presence and is very real. As we have previously discussed the timing of its launch, people craved communication and are having mental issues due to anxiety. What else can be a better option than this platform? As the very important requirement of the people was being fulfilled, it became the most successful social media start-up. it might fall at a time but it has already engaged a lot of profit at this time.
  2. The special audio effect is very customer-friendly. As everyone isn’t comfortable in showing their face or revealing personal information, this is the best way to stay private and keep your heart out. You won’t have a fear of facing judgments and all will be well. The majority of people are comfortable with the idea of audio chatting.
  3. This is the best way to gain your confidence as there is nobody you know. If you are a good listener and you are interested in listening to people, there you go! This is a jackpot. You can just be present in a room and keep listening to people. if that helps you in any way, you find your happiness. Very often people also find things very relatable to them and there is a kind of cathartic feeling which arises. It takes away all the grief and pain of a person in different possible ways.
  4. It’s not that people would be able to join in any private room. If you are uncomfortable having an imposter joining in, you have every right not to allow him/her. Rather you can invite other people you are comfortable with to have a closed-group conversation. There is no limit and you’re given all kinds of liberty to have a conversation as per your like or dislike.
  5. Not only common men but you can also find renowned people there. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have a seizure between you and the one you want to converse with. Oh yes, the barrier is breached. You know, people are always excited to be joining in a live conversation with famous personalities. And we know how fast a startup succeeds if it’s referred to or mentioned by an influencer. And what if it’s someone like Elon Musk? Yes, he tweeted about this application and you must be guessing the traffic after that. That was surely an unforgettable day for the owners of the clubhouse. 

Apart from this, what makes it useful for professional purposes?

The most beneficial stuff here is ad-free communication. Business groups use these for meetings and stuff as it seems to be very comfortable and uninterrupted. If you are creating a personal brand or finding new people to get various ideas this is what you need.

There is a kind of bond which is created between the audience and the speaker or even the whole group which connects people to speak their purpose.

New businessmen and startup owners find this option very interesting as they get to know the value of their product from their target audience organically. There are no hardships done and you just get to know what you want to know. In this way, many people get a way of how they must create a strategy.

Many themes can be conducted. As in, if you are a student, you can always prefer discussing studies with your classmates. Teachers can even take online lectures on various subjects which don’t require facial interaction. People can be trained about passing the interviews or can pursue courses which they have always wanted to learn and many more added to it. Formal and informal, it can be used in both ways.

In the case of entertainment, you can expect a lot of people to come and entertain you. How about having a group of funny people from your class and all of you get to joke with each other? In this tough phase, we don’t only need work-related discussions but fun stuff as well. Starting from having a singer of your group to sing for people and entertain them, you can do all kinds of stuff here. Just stay connected and play games. seems interesting right? Yes, it is interesting. Old people who are getting bored at home can also connect with their old-time friends and talk about the stuff they used to do in the past and how life is now. All of these sounds pretty wholesome. Isn’t it?

All the ideas mentioned above give you a basic idea about what you require to create an application like “The Clubhouse”. You should adapt this idea without making anything similar, rather try to build something new so that people prefer your app above everything. Otherwise, it becomes the same old stuff which is already present with us and nobody would like to change that. If you are thinking of starting something like this, then go for it. This is the right time. Gather your ideas, compose your creativity and make something unique like the legendary “Clubhouse”.

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