Best Listing Platforms of Doctors in India

If you are a doctor looking to grow your practice, doctor listing platforms can help. These online platforms make you visible among patients but how to find the right one?   

Per, 63% of patients prefer to go with a doctor having a solid online presence. In the case of the elderly, the number shoots to 67%. The study indicates the criticality of an online presence for doctors keen on getting noticed, increasing patient inflow, and building trust.      

However, developing a robust online presence has more to it than meets the eye. Having a well-designed website is just one part of the equation. You need to feature on apps and websites that provide a listing of doctors. Think of these listing platforms as a conduit between you and your patients, helping bring in new patients and retaining the existing ones. 

Not all healthcare platforms are equal. Some offer comprehensive treatment services to the patients and complete peace of mind. Here’s your lowdown on the best available.    

Bajaj Finserv Health for Doctors:

When online visibility is a priority, Bajaj Finserv Health Doctors makes sense. It’s more than just a teleconsultation app. It’s rather your entryway to success. The app places you where patients are looking for your speciality and simplifies practice management and patient interactions. Regardless of your forte, the doctors listing app keeps you covered. 


  • Online consultations facilitated via call, chat and video
  • Handling multi-mode consultations are swift and easy 
  • Hot buttons for correct and prompt consultations
  • A dashboard for easy access to all your appointments
  • Patient stats on a weekly and monthly basis available
  • Capable of saving medical notes for any future references 
  • Prescription making simplified with auto-suggest medicine feature 
  • Create and forward digital prescriptions and invoices quickly and easily 
  • Convenient clinic management ensured through a virtual receptionist 
  • Remind patients about their appointments to show you care 
  • Check, store, share and retrieve reports with just a few clicks  
  • End-to-end data security ensured through appropriate means 

List yourself for patient consultations with the Bajaj Finserv Health for Doctors. The app could supply a constant stream of patients to help increase your revenue and grow your practice.  

Google Local Listing:

The “near me” searches are steadily on the rise; for example, “Dr. near me,” “Cancer specialist near me”, and so on. These are location-based searches performed by patients seeking urgent medical care in their local area. Google factors in the patient’s geographical location to deliver results accordingly. You can’t afford to let pass off the Google Local Listings advantage.  


  • Google is the most popular search engine on the planet. The high traffic volume means more qualified leads, more appointments and higher revenue, as simple as that.
  • There’s no conflict of interest when Google showcases a listing of doctors. These are free listings. The paid listings are presented separately and marked as paid. 
  • Searchers take Google reviews at face value, as they can’t be altered.   


It’s one of the top doctor listing platforms with a presence in 58 urban centres across India. Besides appointment bookings, the app offers a host of functions to help you evolve and grow. This includes city-based doctor searches, free doorstep sample collection, medication orders, and more. Thanks to an intuitive signup process, your PRACTO profile can be set up in minutes. 


  • A popular platform with a large user base
  • Doctor search is the app’s speciality 
  • A comprehensive range of services 


  • Has vested interest. The higher-rated listings are placed below the paid listings.


Dorays simplifies the doctor hunt and minimizes wait and consultation times. The platform provides the patient with an e-token when he accesses a clinician or test center near his location. The patient is updated about the appointment when it’s due. These are early days for Dorays, with the platform providing just 15 specialties but planning to expand the offerings soon. 


  • Setting up your profile is easy 
  • Allows you to track your appointments 
  • Access treatment history 


With a database of 150000, healthcare professionals, Lybrate is a popular choice to access the listing of doctors. The app allows patients to locate, book, and consult doctors India-wide with just a few clicks. Health tips and complete drug information from experts are also available.   


  • The conversion rates are high, with interactions between doctors and patients ensured.  

With diverse options to choose from, it’s up to you what to opt for.

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