How to Launch a Successful On-demand Grocery Delivery App like Instacart?

It is no surprise that Corona has taken over the world, and there is a constant fear of its transmission. Sanitization, cleanliness, and protective measures are the first things every business assures its customers, guaranteeing their products and services. Grocery delivery is demanded more frequently as it provides ease in ordering, and the waiting time is less. 

The world is constantly evolving, so are its demands. Help people get what they seek in grocery delivery apps by launching Instacart Clone App. People can sit back at home after placing their order, and the grocery deliverer can deliver at their doorstep. 

Grocery delivery apps- Are they worth the hype?

Grocery delivery began early in 1995. As time passed by, the need for grocery delivery increased. Today there is a tremendous demand for grocery delivery in every country. The grocery delivery service users in the U.S for 2020 increased to 111 million from 95 million in 2019. The grocery delivery revenue in the U.S is projected to grow to $42 Billion by 2025, with the current projection of $28 Billion in 2021. 

Globally, the grocery delivery market is expected to hit $631.84 Billion between 2020-2024. 

Apart from the statistics concerning the situation around, people use grocery delivery apps more these days and avoid going out. The government and healthcare institutions have warned people to stay indoors while creating a strict approach towards ongoing Instacart Clone businesses. This model provides opportunities for the growth of small retail and grocery stores to get a good reach.

Apps like Instacart work quickly. The app user has to install the app, sign in and create the user profile first. For placing the order, go through the products by entering the store’s name and then the product list. When the order gets placed, a shopper gets notified about the order. After accepting the order request, the shopper goes to the store and procures the products. The shopper or delivery agent then delivers the order to the customer at their doorstep.

What is the Instacart app?

Instacart is an American-based grocery delivery and pick-up service platform, available on the web as well as mobile apps. Instacart makes delivery from more than 300 retailers currently and was founded in 2012 in San Francisco, California.

They serve 5500 cities in the U.S and Canada and hired 3,00,000 shoppers in the first half of 2020. Instacart employed 3,50,000 more shoppers with a sales turnover of $35 billion by the end of the year. Their user rate increased by 53.2% between 2019 and 2020, i.e., from 5.5 million to a whopping 9.6 million. 

Essential factors in creating an app like Instacart

To build a delivery business, there should be three essential apps

  • Customer App
  • Shopper App
  • Administrator App

Customer App:

Customers can download the customer Instacart Clone app from the Play Store. They should have a good UI/UX experience and a smooth navigation facility.

The customer app should consist of login/ sign up through email, mobile number, and social media; search bar, order history, filter products, and stores by location, other preferences; order cancellation, reviews, and ratings of stores and products, money wallet, order tracker, payment gateway, push notifications, etc.

Shopper’s App:

The shopper app is not downloadable from the App Store and is a special app for shoppers/delivery agents.

The shopper’s app should contain: Login/sign up through email, mobile number, social media; view, accept/reject order request, GPS tracker, e-wallets, in-app chats, turn on/turn off delivery, list of delivered orders with date and time, new list of orders with date and time, push notifications, etc.

Admin App:

The admin app acts as a control room and observes the activities of customers and delivery agents. Important features the app should contain are:

Options to view orders, last customer activity, in-app chat with customers and shoppers, view reviews and ratings, and opportunity to delete or block the users, push notifications, etc.

Business Models to implement 

Prioritizing customer’s needs

Focus on the desires and needs of customers. Think- as a customer, what your needs will be. Ensure implementing technologies and strategies that give a smooth user experience and make the app reliable and safe. The Instacart Clone app should earn brand loyalty and be unique amongst its competitors. 

Take advantage of competitor’s weaknesses

Observe your competitors. Use SWOT analysis to frame your strategy. SWOT means strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Analyze all these aspects and target their weaknesses. Look for opportunities to implement them in your app so many customers look up to your app. Check with their features, tech stacks, and business strategies implemented. 

Good UI/UX performance

There should be no hassle in UI/UX performance as it makes the app user continue using the app. Keep the visuals colorful but not over the top. Keep them minimalistic. Choices of colors and features play a crucial role in making the app user explore the app further.

App Customization

Customize the app according to your needs. Fix a budget and decide on the features. Discuss the same with a good developer with relevant experience in making grocery delivery apps. You can bring your creativity to effect with customization. 

App Testing

Before launching, the app should undergo the necessary tests to get rid of glitches and errors. All errors should be resolved, and continuous tests and updates should be made on the app.

Revenue Model

Advertising- Helps in immediate conversion. Modes of advertising may be skippable and unskippable ads; and promotional banner ads.

Delivery Charges- Customers can be charged a particular amount for delivery products under a price shelf.

Commission- Extra commission may be charged from the customers as well as the retailers.

Increasing product prices- Increasing product prices by a nominal amount will not get the app any feud. A small increase can pay off well.

Last words- Get creative with launching your Instacart Clone App.

Launch your App by adding innovative features and make the app installs soar. The Instacart clone app development involves intelligent technology that imitates the features of the original app. The cost of development will differ and depend on the features of the app. Attractive UI/UX features and smooth screen landing is vital. Help the world by giving them opportunities, and help yourself by creating opportunities. 

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