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A Daybreak In A Morning Desert Safari

Witness the stillness of infinite dunes when the sun is about to rise. The serenity of the nomadic land of Dubai invites you to be its admirer. The majestic dawn of Desert safari Dubai is the ultimate goal of many travel enthusiasts. Visiting Dubai without witnessing a sunrise in a desert safari is like missing the half venture!

Dubai has its conservation reserve as an appealing ground that attracts every second visitor. That’s the reason you’ll see the dunes busy whenever you plan a visit here. Are you one of those who want to save their evenings to explore Dubai? If yes, then have a look at what a morning expedition to desert safari brings for you.

What the Dawn of Desert Safari Brings Along

Begin with a Pickup Before the Sunrise 

Your daybreak at desert safari begins with a pickup in a 4×4 vehicle from your doorstep. After a few minute’s drive from the city side, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the awakening dunes of Dubai. A standard morning tour begins between 4 to 5 am so as to save your time for the most awaited view of the sunrise.

2. Witness the Morning Glory  

The serendipity falls over you along with the first few rays of a new sun. It’s totally a pacific experience watching the sun rays falling over the little peaks of the golden dunes. Watch the transitioning of dusk into dawn while standing in the middle of nowhere. 

The velvety-soft sand comprising the giant beige background is a perfectly picturesque spot. Click the best shots of the rising sun, flight of birds, sand ripples. and make the most out of the morning glory around you. The exquisite early morning views of the national rach of UAE will leave you aw-struck.

3.  Dune Bashing 

After getting out of the trans of the sunrise, head to the next amusement of desert safari that is dune bashing. Dune bashing is a popular sand sport that is taken place in a 4×4 SUV. You’ll see the hummers, land cruisers, wranglers, and dune buggies crossing the reddening dunes of Arabia.

Fasten your seat belt in your favorite dune bashing vehicle and enjoy 15 minutes of a roller coaster ride on the terrain. Moreover, you remain safe from getting deprived of water as the terrain activities take place before the cocktail hour.   

4. Other Enticing Dune Activities 

Other exciting sand activities at desert safari include quad biking, fat biking, and sandboarding. Your venture in the middle of the terrain continues from dune bashing to camel safari that’ll leave you stunned. 

Ride a quad bike under and expert supervision. Quad bike is a 4 wheeler and a ride for one. It is lodged with safety kits so it’s a safe terrain SUV. Grab a sandboard and fix your feet over it to embrace the welcoming breeze of desert safari. The enticing sand activities from dune bashing to sandboarding are not only thrilling but safe & chucklesome as well.

5.  Take Rest in the Traditional Bedouin Camps 

Desert safari is a legit paradise for backpackers. It offers the adventure freaks to try out a unique camping experience in the cradle of high golden dunes. The campsites depict the Arabian tradition cloaked in the modern array. 

The Bedouin-style camps reflect the coziness and cultural integrity of the Arabs which the guests find amusing. A camping experience at this land of nomads compliments a traveler’s vibes. Get benefited by the cozy ambiance and fully-fledged facilities of these campsites and enjoy your escape from the city life.

6. The Novel Breakfast 

Get delighted with the refreshing beverages that are served along with the breakfast at desert safari. There is free and unlimited access to refreshing soft drinks, tea, and Arabian coffee. So after all the cuddling and enthralling fun in the sand, come to the delicacy waiting for you at the campsite. 

The breakfast is presented in quite an impressive Arabian folk style. The wooden planks are set with delicious cuisines including desserts and siders as well. So in the morning tour, you have a chance to enjoy the royal brunch in the scenic landscape of golden dunes.

7.  Photography Opportunity 

A morning desert safari offers a great photography opportunity for camera freaks. Click your best shots here because this contour has vast framesets to show off your photography skills. Whether you enjoy capturing wildlife or are inspired by the colorful skies, click it all! 

You’ll find the hopping gazelles, the running oryx, the wandering camels, the deadly eagle, and desert owls posing at you. Enjoy the photography session during dune bashing along with the jeep wranglers and land cruisers. Click amazing silhouettes during the sunrise and celebrate an ecstatic morning of your lifetime.

8.  The Majestic Falcon Show 

Falconry is another entertaining activity you’ll see going on in a morning desert safari. People get fascinated by seeing the national bird of the UAE in action. The luring actions of the falcons represent how well they are trained by their masters. Old Arabs used to hunt their prey by training these birds to capture them. As whenever there was a scarcity of food, the Bedouins used to start hunting by sending their falcons on a hunt. 

Attire yourself in the cultural Arabian outfit and click some cool snaps while holding this heritage bird. Falconry at desert safari offers you to collect some great souvenirs of being in the dunes of Dubai.

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The dunes of Dubai echo the symphony in the warm welcome of its guests from far away lands. The morning glory of the desert safari is worth cherishing for a stroller. Take an escape from the hustle-bustle of city life and rejuvenate yourself on the sand ripples. A morning tour to the dunes ends up in 3 to 4 hours. If you want to live your vacation at its best in Dubai, then visit its archaic contour before the sunrise.

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