When Should You Switch to VPS Mexico?

When Should You Switch to VPS Mexico?

Many bloggers and business owners in Mexico choose shared hosting as their first web hosting plan to start their online journey. This is because shared hosting is less costly to Mexicans than a Dedicated Server and VPS Server. 

Where shared hosting gives various benefits, it also limits its usage after a specific time. 

So what to do when your shared hosting limits your usage?

Either switch to Dedicated Hosting or VPS Mexico?

Switching directly to a dedicated server will be a wrong decision as it requires high cost and gives many resources not usable by your websites at this point of time. 

Therefore, investing into buying VPS hosting Mexico will be a right decision right after shared hosting. It is budget friendly as well as customizable according to business requirement or say website requirement. 

Here are the few cases pointing towards when you should switch to VPS Mexico. 

You’re Worried About Security

If you are running a business website, then you surely need advanced security measures to keep hackers away. Today with growing digital needs, cyber phishing is also increasing. If these things weren’t taken care of at the right time, they could put your business at high risk. 

Business websites involve various financial transactions, customer’s confidential data such as credit card information, etc. which requires huge protection against cybercrimes. Therefore switching to VPS Mexico will be a beneficial decision for you. 

You Start to Experience High Traffic Volumes

Due to low budget, you can start your website on Shared hosting, but once your website starts hitting high Traffic, you need to consider VPS Mexico.  

High Traffic means a website needs more backup space, more reliability, flexibility, advanced server monitoring, and enhanced security measures, which only the VPS Hosting Mexico plan could offer. 

Shared Hosting could not handle high Traffic; therefore either put your website at the risk of running slowly or crashes your server. So, you better go with VPS en Mexico to handle your high Traffic website. 

Your Website is Consistently Running Slowly

If you are consistently seeing that your website is running slowly and moving your visitors away, then it’s a high time for you to switch to VPS Mexico. 

Websites with extensive usage of RAM and Storage run out the limit of Shared Hosting; therefore, they require a more upgraded plan. VPS Mexico easily scales up your resources as needed and keeps your visitors happy. 

You are planning to run an Online Store

buy vps mexico if you running an online store

If you are planning to run an online store, then you should not make the mistake of hosting your website on shared hosting, even at the initial level. Shared hosting doesn’t give enough security and pass PCI compliance test for online store. 

PCI is an acronym for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that gives protection against data theft. VPS Mexico, along with dedicated resources, scalability, robust security, also passes the PCI compliance test. Therefore, it will be a sane decision to switch to VPS Mexico for your online store directly. 

You Need To Install Custom Software

Many a time, it happens that you do not require to install custom software initially, but with the growth of your business, you need them.

VPS Mexico helps you install more than 400+ custom applications and software on your server with complete root access. With VPS Hosting Mexico, you can also use advanced programming languages to support your business website. 

The shared server normally doesn’t support custom software and applications due to advanced actions. Therefore, switching to VPS Mexico is the only right decision. 

You Run Into Server Errors

Usually, websites on a Shared server face many errors such as 500, 503, etc. This happens because many websites are hosted on the same physical server. 

If you do not want to show your customers the same error, then you need to upgrade your website to VPS Mexico. Such server errors give a bad impression on your audience and might put your business at a huge loss. 

You’re on a Budget

As we all know, a Dedicated server is not affordable for everyone; therefore, switching to VPS Mexico is the right decision.

VPS Hosting Mexico comes at a comparatively low cost and offers many benefits of a dedicated server. It gives you improved bandwidth, storage, RAM, Security, CPU, and much more. 

You Build Websites For Your Clients

If you are a developer or running an agency that builds websites for clients, VPS Mexico is the right choice for them.

With VPS Hosting Mexico, you can host any no. of domains. All you need to do is make sure that you have enough RAM for each site to work properly. 

Buy the VPS Mexico from the most reliable web hosting provider

Wisesolution is a well-known VPS hosting provider in Mexico. It offers high calibre resources and services at the lowest price. The company is running its servers globally and has established a big name in the industry. 

The technical team of wisesolution stays available 24/7 to promptly serve its customers with their hosting problems. Till now, it has served more than 6000+ customers globally with their different business hosting requirements. 

The vps Mexico plan of wisesolution starts @2310/mo. that includes 1 core CPU, 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD, and 250 Bandwidth 1 Gbps shared. If your business requires more resources, then you see our other plans @


Shared Hosting is best for beginners, but you need to switch to VPS Mexico once your business starts growing. VPS hosting Mexico helps you overcome various hosting issues such as slow loading times, server errors, security issues, installing custom software and much more. 

If you are seriously looking for a reasonable VPS en Mexico plan, then I will recommend wise solution due to its high uptime, robust security, scalability, complete root access, and greater customizability.  

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