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Life is all about constant learning, upskilling and implementing the knowledge in life. There is no age restriction to learn, and that is the best part. Many e-learning platforms offer thousands of courses on various subjects that can be educational and non-educational at a reasonable price. Access to the courses are easy; there is only one requirement- the Internet. 

The pandemic has increased the desire of people to upskill and challenge their potential. So, e-learning platforms are the primary sources to learn any course beginning from any stage.

Udemy- Platform to learn from until you wish to stop

Udemy Inc. is a substantial American open online course provider founded in 2010 and targets students and professionals. Udemy is available in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. It is headquartered in San Francisco, U.S., and has 40 million users currently

As of April 2021, the platform has 40 million+ students, 1,55,000 courses and 70000 instructors teaching 65+ languages. The courses offered are pursued to improve skills in a particular field. The estimated value of Udemy is USD 2 Billion. Some courses offer credit points towards technical certifications and add value to a resume.

Udemy provides several educational and non-educational courses. It can be helpful towards earning credit or certification, learning a new skill such as language, music, painting, photography, photoshop, cooking etc. Tutors can upload courses as videos and study material etc. Post-completion of courses, students can download certificates in the JPG or PDF format.

What can Appdupe’s Udemy Clone offer?

The demand for e-learning courses and apps increase every day due to their practicality, time-saving mechanism and affordability. Many big institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, solicit the services of e-learning courses. Professionals who work every day opt for this system to ease their learning method with its flexible timings.

Udemy Clone App can offer several courses that cost ten times or higher when done in offline mode. The affordability factor makes the courses reach the hands of all income groups. 

Features of Udemy Clone app


  • Selection of various courses

There will course from every subject and language to learn. The diverse offer of options gives people exposure to skills and ideas they may gain interest in developing.

  • Self-paced learning

The user can learn at their own desired pace as the course will not expire. The tutor can update their videos constantly as time passes by.

  • Immediate Access

As a course is purchased, there will be no need to wait further. The user can access the course immediately from their dashboard.

  • Enrollment is not mandatory.

There is no pressure to be involved in any course. A user can scroll through any number of courses without opting for them.

  • Profile Manager

Every profile has a profile manager where the user can upload their details, view their courses, materials, uploads and check their details.

  • Customer Support

A customer can enquire or bring their query to notice to the customer support anytime.


  • Dashboard

Helps in keeping track of course upload, earnings and rate of responses.

  • Course Creation

Tutors are provided tools to create and arrange their courses based on their knowledge. The courses are also editable 

  • List of Courses

The window helps in managing all the courses of the tutors.

  • Report

Reports provide the tutors’ information about their earnings, responses from people and allow improvement.


  • Dashboard

The dashboard enables the administrator to view the stats, reports and progression of the users and tutors. The admin can access notifications through the dashboard.

  • Sale of Courses

This feature enables tracking sales of courses, the response rate from users, revenue and profit, trending courses etc. 


CRM keeps track of the tutors and students, their revenue and expenses, courses enrolled. CMS plays a role in active engagement, send emails, notifications, videos and blogs, updated content on app/ web, engagement on social media etc.

  • Payment

The payment contains the payment received and sent to the tutors.

  • Customer Support

This panel contains the queries of customers, and the admin can address and resolve them.

 Ways to monetize Udemy Clone app

  • Sale of Courses

The primary mode of earning should be through the sale of courses. Courses should be offered at reasonable rates, so there is no loss for both the app owner and tutor. 

  • Commission

The tutor who uploads and offers courses should pay the admin for using the platform a separate fee or a percentage of the earnings they make from the app. A portion of the payment the students make for buying courses will be taken as a commission. 

  • Subscription to courses and videos

Subscription to various content for receiving access will help in monetization. 

  • Advertisements

Advertisements are the easiest way to monetize apps. The revenue will be based per click on the ad. 

Tech Stacks

Backend/Front End- Vue.Js, AngularJs, ReactJs

Database & Infrastructure- MYSQL

Framework- Symphony, NodeJS, ASP.NET, Laravel, CakePHP

API- Mailchimp, Google Meet, Zoom

Plugins- CRM, CMS, Sales and reports

Payment Gateway- Netbanking, e-wallets, PayPal and Mastercard

Final Words- Take your first step towards Udemy Clone.

Take your first step towards Appdupe’s Udemy Clone app and help people through their learning journey. The world is on a big stage, and there is constant competition. With a proper plan, trends and knowledge, you can rule it. Covid has given people an idea to learn everything they desire. So, why not offer them their desires at an affordable price when you know you can? 

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