IGST There important Information You Must Be Aware Of

is an operational process for activation so it can be completed online for which you have to open the official website of GST then you have to trail beneath subsequent phases for activation of GST number-

As stated, initially, you have to open the official webpage of GST for the submitting of application for withdrawal of GST registration. Then you have to log in with the created user id and password. Remember the accurate password and user id or else you will not be able to fetch your account. Then carefully enter the captcha and hit on the login key.

After that look for the services key and press the same, when you connect to that you will find several other selections then you have to pick the option that enables solicitation for activation of the canceled registration key. After hitting on this key, a fresh web page will open where you will find the option of the reason for revocation, you have to fill in the reason for revocation then have to submit that and then you have to attach the supporting documents.

  • After attaching the supporting documents, you need to select the verification checkbox where you have to verify your revocation and have to fill in the name of the authorized signatory and h
  • ave to fill in the other required details like place, name and others
  • Then you can download your form and retrieve it later or you can submit your form. When you click on the submit key, you will receive an OTP number on your E-mail or on your mobile number registered at the GST website
  • After obtaining an OTP number, you have to submit that OTP number for validating your form on the website
  • Then you will obtain an acknowledgment letter, you will also get a message of acknowledgment on your registered mobile number
  • Then the concerned officer will check your application and if he is satisfied with the application then he proceeds further. If he is content with motives mentioned for revocation in the application, then he will repeal your cancelled GST registration and pass an order accordingly
  • You will receive an email or SMS on your mobile no for the authorization of activation of cancelled GST registration and then your GSTIN will be revoked once again

If a concerned person thinks that your motives declared in the application for revocation are not sufficient then he will cast off your application and your GST documentation number will be remaining inactive. If you don’t want to follow the online process then there is another option is the filing of Form GST REG-21 for revocation of cancelled GST registration, it can be filed offline. You can capture this form from the portal then you require to fill the form offline and after filling the form you have to submit this form to the office of GST, it takes additional time than the online procedure so you can select rendering to your need.

How To Activate Cancelled GST Number?

As above stated you need to file an application form cancellation within 30 days so there is no rule of after 30 days, if you need to activate your cancelled GST registration then you need to file an application for withdrawal of cancellation of GST registration within 30 days of service of the instruction of cancellation.

Final Statement

As you can observe in the above-given blog that revocation of cancelled GST registration can be done only within 30 days of service of the command of cancellation otherwise you will not be able to activate your cancelled GST registration and it can only rescind when cancellation is done by the GST authority otherwise it will not be revoked.

As you can observe that the web method is earlier than the offline method and the online procedure is very informal and humble, you can visit the official website of GST of filing your claim for annulment of GST registration. You have to reference your reason for annulment in your application and then have to submit your application on the website, if the concerned officer thinks your motives are satisfactory then your GST number will be rescinded by the officer

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