How To Make A Wikipedia Page On Someone

Making a Wikipedia page about a person can be a challenge. But, following the guidelines and understanding the right content tone can help you execute it properly. 

If you are looking to join the buzzing trend of making Wikipedia pages to gain online prominence, then join the queue. Because the online world is teeming with people who wish to create pages about someone and help them achieve their goals in the online world. Besides that, the fame-factor of having a Wikipedia page is just too alluring to pass up. This is why many people wish to write or create their pages on Wikipedia. 

But, is it as easy as it sounds? Moreover, is it even worth it? Because Wikipedia itself does not endorse the usage of the platform for marketing or social purposes. While those two elements stand true, the role of Wikipedia in the online world is undeniable. So, let us dive into the intricacies of creating a Wikipedia page about someone. 

Should You Create A Wikipedia Page On Someone?

Before we talk about how you can do it, let us see if you should do it at all. Because Wikipedia is one of the top 15 websites on the globe today. Which is why it has become one of the dominating forces when it comes to SEO rankings. In other words, every time you search something on Google, the first few results are going to be related to Wikipedia. But, that is only if the pertaining topic or subject exists on Wikipedia. So, if the person you wish to find on Google, does not have their own Wikipedia page, do they show up in the results? That is exactly why you should make a Wikipedia page on someone. 

Study The Wiki Policies

Now, the idea of making a wiki page and showing up higher in the search engine rankings sounds alluring. But, is it easy to do that? Not without understanding the guidelines, it isn’t. But, there are two separate guidelines, one for content and the other for criteria. So, let us break them down.

  • Page Criteria

In order to make a profile about someone, how do you start a Wikipedia page? The first thing you need is to figure out whether or not they are notable enough. The criteria of a person’s profile on Wikipedia warrants a few things. The first one is any sort of biography mentions, written or otherwise. Anyone related to academics, including scientists, philosophers, researchers or influencers. The other categories entertainers and sports personalities. So, if your subject is eligible for one of them, then they might be notable enough to have their page.

  • Content Guidelines

An example of Wikipedia’s person profiles.

If you wish to understand how to create a Wikipedia page on someone, then Wikipedia provides certain content guidelines for you to get started. Once you understand the credibility criteria, it is imperative that you get the format right. So, make sure you follow those too when you are writing the content. 

Research About The Person 

Let’s say for a minute that the person you wish to write about isn’t you or someone you know. So, what do you do? The answer is simple, you research and find out as much as possible. Wikipedia is a neutral source of information and to write neutral content, you need to understand the person you wish to write about, as much as you can.

Build Resources

If the person you wish to make your page about isn’t famous or renowned, what should you do? The simple answer is that you should build resources. According to guidelines, to create a Wikipedia article about a person, the article mentioning the subject should be “based on reliable, independent, published sources with a reputation for fact-checking and accuracy.” So, a news or media outlet with a reputation might help you do just that. The key is to make sure the person you need to make the page about gets mentioned emphatically. 

Create The Page

Now that some of the key matter is out of the way, here is the process of creation on Wikipedia.

  • Sign Up & Become An Editor

The first step you take is to create an account on Wikipedia. The process requires you to fill a four-section form where you enter your name, password, confirmed password, and email. Once you are done, then you need to look at the articles that need editing. Then, make sure you edit and add credible information to those copies, in order for Wikipedia to recognize you as a credible contributor. 

  • Create An Article

The prompt upon arriving at Wikipedia’s article wizard.

If your subject is famous, then chances are that their article already exists. If it doesn’t, then ask Wikipedia to create an article for you. 

  • Create A Draft

This is the draft where you save your progress before submission. It is meant to help you perfect the copy before you submit the finalized draft. What you should do after creating the draft is make sure you get the content tone right.

  • Cite Sources

Before you hit the submit button, make sure you cite all the sources. Including the ones you built, as well as the secondary ones. So, make sure you head to the sources section on Wikipedia to understand how to cite them properly.

  • Submission & Approval

Last but not the least, wait for the approval. If the submission is disapproved, make necessary changes and try again. This process might take 1-2 weeks. Because, page creation that how to create a wikipedia page isn’t a case of submission and approval, it can get declined. But, you can work your way around it and ensure the approval the next time around.


Creating a Wikipedia page about someone is not easy. But, with tact and careful understanding of Wiki guidelines, you can do it without any hassle. So, make sure you understand all the rules before you get started, and it will help you get over the line easily.

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