6 Important Elements & Creation Process Of A Wikipedia Biography

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Wikipedia is stuffed of pages filled with information. Most of them are biographies and pages about people. This is understandable because the encyclopedia offers unbiased and unprejudiced information about people. While information regarding other topics cannot be tempered with that much, the existence of these biographies on Wikipedia is what makes it one of the most credible sources of information on the internet. 

But, that is exactly why making a page on it is no easy task either. Because, Wikipedia itself makes it clear that it is not a social media, website or a blog. So, making a profile on it is no child play. The editing teams fact-check thoroughly and make sure the legitimacy levels of the information featured on it are sub-par. So, what will you need to make a biography on Wikipedia? Let us dive in and find out. 

List Of Guidelines

Wikipedia has a set of guidelines for multiple types of pages. But, since we are talking about biographies, let us understand the guidelines that you need to understand in order to make those. The first thing you need to understand is that Wikipedia does not endorse autobiographies. This means that if you wish to write your own, you might have to rethink that move because Wikipedia states that autobiographies are “often biased.” So, the first thing you should focus on is writing a neutral biography.

  • Unbiased approach. Wikipedia makes it clear that if your article already exists, then you should let someone else write it. Mainly because while you will try to be neutral, it is difficult to avoid unconscious biases. So, to keep it neutral, letting someone else do the writing would be a wise idea.
  • Well sourced edits. On the same page, Wikipedia also asserts that if your biography article has problems, then you should provide verifiable and reliable sources to back up your edits. That way, you will avoid any future misconceptions, as well as unnecessary edits.

List Of Policies

The largest encyclopedia in the world asserts that there are three core policies about creating a biography, which is NPOV, Verifiability and NOR. But, the most important part of creating a Wikipedia biography is understanding the three core principles of content on Wikipedia. The first one is the content tone, where any sort of biased or opinionated tone will get shunned. The second one is balance, so neutrality towards your topic will come in handy here. Then, the last one that Wikipedia forbids is attack pages. This means articles created solely to bash or belittle the subject or topic of the biography. These are the most important policies to understand before you get started.

Noticeability Criteria Of A Person

One of the most important things to make a biography is the noticeability of the subject. Whether you make it about yourself or anyone else, the person needs to be notable enough to get featured on Wikipedia. What are the criteria of eligibility? The basic criteria on the platform say that notable people are the ones who have “received significant coverage in multiple published or secondary resources.” It also asserts that these platforms need to be intellectually independent and independent of the subject. In other words, a credible media or press outlet making the mention of your name or the person that you wish to create the biography for. 

Build Sources

Lastly, let us consider the most probable. If you create a biography and it does not get approved, what should you do? In order to avoid this, you must build credibility around your subject before you begin. So, try to get mentioned by reliable sources and focus on citing those sources properly.

  1. Create An Article For The Biography

The “search for an article” section on Wikipedia.

Like all the other page creation types on Wikipedia, a biography also warrants you to create the article required. As mentioned previously, if your topic is famed enough, then chances are that an article might already exist. But, if it does not, you can simply ask Wikipedia to create an article for you. But, you have to be careful when you select the types and category of your article. Since you are writing a biography, the website’s generator will ask you to provide the necessary information. It will require you to make it clear whether or not you are making it for yourself, or someone you know. 

Write The Article & Cite The Sources

The biography template of Wikipedia.

So, can you write your own biography on Wikipedia? By the time you get to this step, you will firmly comprehend that you cannot afford to be biased or prejudiced. So, write your article in a neutral tone. For this, follow the general content policy of Wikipedia, which states that you need to be clear, be concise, emphasize the spirit of the rule, avoid overlinking and avoid redundancy. Moreover, it also asserts that you do not contradict existing or famed articles. If the information on those articles is incorrect, then Wikipedia urges you to point them out.


There you have it, folks, the 6 elemental ingredients of creating a Wikipedia biography. While there is no perfect formula to get it done, what you need to make a page is exactly what Wikipedia guidelines make quite clear.

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