Top Beautiful Flowers That Are Aesthetically Pleasing

The beauty of a flower is defined by the nature and features that define the different species of a flower. The beauty of the flower starts from the basic structure called the stamen, which consists of the anther and filament, which give the plant its beauty. The beauty of a flower is defined by the different species and colors that are found in each species of a flower. 

Flowers have different structures such as the Peduncle, Pectoral fins, Lateral stems, Cuff or Hair and so on. The Peduncle is the top part of a flower and it contains the anther and filament. 

There are also different colors that can be found in a flower, the petals, which are colored at the base of a flower and are usually white, pink, red and yellow, the stigma, which is the colored part that we see above the foliage of the flower, and the so-called sepals which are small projections that are visible on the underside of a flower. 

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 Marigold, also known as “Queen Anne’s Lace”, is a classic flower, and should be a part of anyone’s floral design collection. It is a gorgeous purple-blue flower with a heady scent. Marigold originated in England, where it was often used as a treatment for fevers and as a food additive. It has been prized as a flower by many royalty throughout history.


 Zinnia as a flower has been popular in India since ages. There are many famous places and cultural icons that have their roots in this exotic country of ours. Some of the main cultural icons of India like Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Pushkar, Jodhpur and Ellora Caves etc are known as the “Flowers of Jaipur”. Zinnia is also known as “ashes” or “ashes of Jaipur”. In the state of Maharashtra, there are several gorgeous places where you can visit and enjoy the beauty of zinnia, as they bloom everywhere in the state.


One of the most common plants found in Mediterranean gardens is gladiolus, also known as Lily of the Nile. This tall perennial flowering plant has white flowers up to four inches long. A single bloom occurs in early spring and disappears by late summer. The colorful flowers are produced in two different stages: 

The first step in planting a gladiolus as a flower is to determine where the plant will be placed. The gladiolus plant is very tolerant of sandy soils and does well in potting media containing compost, peat or drainage wood. Watering is not needed; however, do not over water. A special irrigation system with a water pump is needed for successful planting in full sun. The plant will tolerate other light sources, but they will become dormant during the winter. 


The popularity of Brugmansia as a flower has spread from the South African province of Lesotho to Botswana and Australia. The flower grows in dark wooded areas that are surrounded by rich thickets of bush. It is a fast growing perennial herb with a flat, lacy blooming stems. The bracts separate when the plant flowers which produces a long stemmed bunch of tiny flowers. When it comes to the customized flower delivery in ghaziabad, the way to express your love becomes mind-blowing.

 Bluedawn flower:-

 Bluedawn as a flower is not as popular as it once was. Its use as a sweetener in cooking has made it less popular. It is less commonly found in flower arrangements than it used to be, so the quality of specimens is very hard to come by. The few remaining plants are quite rare and they grow only in highly restricted areas. If you really want to have a plant for yourself, try growing it from seed. There are many Blue Dawn hybrids available that will give any garden an exotic flower. 

 There are different blooming flowers and the colors of these flowers bring a certain happiness into our lives. They are the reason why people are happy and have a positive outlook in life.

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