Top 5 Best Writing Tools for Content Writing

Everything you see written online for digital marketing purposes is known as content writing. It is the art of planning, writing, and editing web content. When you hire someone to write the product description for your business that also counts as content creation, however, copywriting is not as dimensional as content writing.

Content Writing v/s Copywriting 

  • Drive: Copywriting has an advertorial in nature. It serves the purpose of using your creativity to sell people a product. One can be very imaginative while doing this. In copywriting, you are basically selling your personality online. You pitch for a brand quite directly.

On the other hand, in content writing, you do not directly sell your product, you subtly hint towards your product while giving some other significant information. It is quite a self-explanatory term. You create content in content writing. Your writings should be a good read and of good quality too so that readers are hooked.

  • Job: The job of the copywriter is to write copy while that of a content writer is to write content. A copywriter writes marketing material for companies and brands for a living. That is their profession. While content writing is a job anyone can do. All you need is the ability to creatively write on a topic.
  • Nature of Writing: In old times, copywriting was only limited to advertising. Now, there are a plethora of different types of writings that can qualify as copywriting. Online and offline ads, slogans, taglines, tv and radio commercials, etc. Similarly, content writers also have diverse types of writings such as social media posts, eBooks, blog posts, films, televisions, etc.

Top 5 Writing Tools Every Content Writer Must Use!!

Content writing may seem like a very easy task to do but it requires you to trigger the innovative side of your brain and think out of the box. Pour all your creativity out on your writing piece. In doing so, you can take help from the best writing tools for content writing listed below:

  1. Hemingway:

From a reader’s perspective, you would rather prefer to continue reading a passage that is clear and uses simple expressions over a complicated one. Most people these days use very complicated vocabulary to leave an impression on the reader but this just makes your writing more unreadable. In order to keep the reader hooked, one must use lucid expressions and Hemingway does just that. It is top-ranked in the list of Best Content Writing Tools. It checks the style of the passage. It highlights words and phrases that are too complicated, turns passive voice into active voice along highlighting excessive and unnecessary words and adverbs.

  1. Ideaflip:

Before you even began to write, coming up with an interesting topic that brings traffic is in itself, a tiring task. Now when one is thinking of a topic, they need to list it down, brainstorm and take all other the other necessary small steps. This is where Ideaflip helps the best. It is an amazing tool exclusively designed to give you an interactive environment while coming up with a topic. It helps you to write your ideas down and manage them. It enables you to develop many exciting ideas.

  1. Grammarly: 

The most widely used application out of all is Grammarly. A grammatically incorrect passage always looks bad to the eye. For instance, if you order a personal statement writing service, one of your top concerns would always be that the product should be free of any grammatical error. To serve this purpose, Grammarly comes the most in handy. It fixes over 250 types of errors, something which office word does not offer. It detects wordiness in your text along with suggesting better synonyms as an alternative to words that don’t match the tone of the text. Even without getting the premium version, you can get your whole text to become grammatically correct if it’s in American English.

  1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator:

Can’t think of a suitable topic? HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is there to provide you with a wide range of appealing topics. All you have to do is enter three keywords and leave the rest to it. This tool will generate a list of topics that suit the keyword best and make your work easy.

  1. Evernote:

What matters the most in content writing is how well you make use of the information you receive from everywhere. Typing the topic on the search bar will open countless websites offering so much information. Evernote helps you to organize the information, list your ideas and come up with a structure for your passage.


Now that you have those amazing tools, what are you waiting for? Get to writing creative and impeccable content.

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