Techpally hints Advantages of using IoT solutions

The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is crucial for the successful digital transformation of companies. 

However, the technology offers the greatest opportunities for the logistics industry.

Due to the high level of networking along the supply chain, the transport and logistics sector has such large amounts of process data available as in hardly any other industry. 

This creates ideal conditions for the successful use of IoT technologies

These make logistics processes more intelligent, clearer and more efficient, businesspally.

Specifically, they offer the following three advantages, among others:

Better overview and planning – with support from  GPS

By using GPS tracking in fleet and transport management, objects as well as deployment times, routes and loads can be located and controlled. 

For example, it is essential for logistics companies that are Techpally in the maritime sector to know where ships are currently located.

 Incoming GPS data streams and other ship data are therefore analyzed in real-time so that decision-makers can track the movement of their ships at any time and determine their current location.

The greatest advantage of smart tracking technology is that logistics companies can use it to make precise predictions about when or where a ship will arrive. 

This in turn entails a whole series of processes – starting with the search for a suitable pier to the timely commissioning of tug boats. 

The ship needs to be unloaded, reloaded and refueled, says businesspally.

 If a ship docks in port earlier or later than planned, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars and drastically reduce profits.

Nip attempts at fraud in the bud with predictive analytics

It happens again and again that fraudsters post programs under a false name.

The order is carried out and the invoice goes to the actual customer, who of course does not know anything about the entire process. 

The use of predictive analytics and machine learning helps to identify and contain such cases of fraud.

As soon as a new order is received, a general fraud check is carried out, which uses various parameters to examine how likely it was sent by a fraudster.

 It is analyzed, for example, from which country to which country should be sent.

A specific weighting is stored for each individual parameter. An intelligent algorithm then calculates a scoring based on this, which indicates the likelihood of fraud.

 If it is above a previously defined limit, it continues like this: The current order is compared with previous shipping information for the same customer.

If these do not match, a clerk asks the customer whether he has actually posted the shipment. In the event of fraud, the shipment will be destroyed or returned, businesspally boss affirmed this.

In this way, companies avoid unnecessary costs and improve relationships with their customers.

Accelerate returns processing

Especially in the field of returns logistics, the use of IoT helps to efficiently control returns, to return them to the goods cycle and to synchronize them with the service and repair cycle. 

Returns cannot be planned and always involve a lot of effort. Nevertheless, it is necessary for manufacturers and retailers to make them as simple as possible in order to increase customer satisfaction. 

By using IoT technologies, repair and return processes and thus also the processing of service cases can be accelerated and improved, businesspally.

With the help of a digital platform, all types of processing are automatically recognized and supported. 

All those involved, such as specialist dealers and customers, receive the information they need at a glance.

 In addition, repair and return processes are automated in order to reduce the error rate caused by manual intervention.

Returns and repairs can be carried out in a short time and with high quality. 

This in turn increases customer satisfaction.

Successfully implement IoT projects with one platform

In all of the scenarios mentioned, data is collected, correlated, and evaluated in real-time in order to make decisions more quickly and to initiate appropriate measures at an early stage.

Systems, applications and devices have to be seamlessly integrated and data streams continuously evaluated.

This works best with an IoT platform. With this, objects can be networked, data can be collected and evaluated in real time, Techpally.

This enables companies to develop projects and new services faster and bring them to market maturity.

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