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Launch An Exciting Social Media Network With Instagram Clone App

Social media apps have become one of the most sought-after apps in the current era. There are many social media apps available for users. Some of the prominently used apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, social bee, etc., Among which Instagram has earned vast popularity among the folks. The reports from Statista state that during the year 2020, there were 855 million users for Instagram, and it is expected to go on an increase of 1.2 billion users by 2023. Instagram offers various extraordinary features for its users, making it unique among other social media apps.

Take a peek to know more about how Instagram works :

Launched in the year 2010, initially, Instagram was started as a photo-sharing network where users can share their photos. The statista report says that every day nearly 1 billion users post 10 million photos on Instagram. Through Instagram, people connect with not only friends but also celebrities. Instagram users can give their likes and comments to their favourite celebrities’ photos. 

Within ten years, Instagram has earned millions of users. Analyzing the increase in several users, Instagram has understood its potential. Now, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform and a perfect eCommerce platform to market a product or service.  

Why launching an app like Instagram is a sure hit?

Social media networks no longer remain as a silo for posting pictures and videos alone. Now it has leapt and became a marketing media to promote and advertise various products. Look into the various models on which Instagram works.

  • A platform to share photos and videos:

Entrepreneurs with a vision to start their Social media app should understand the model of Instagram. Instagram is a kind of a fancy social networking site that allows users to post their photos and videos. It is noted that widely most people from the age group of 15 to 30 use Instagram predominantly. Instagram also provides features to add both short and long videos.

  • Social media marketing:

Social media marketing has become a vital tool for businesses to launch their new products and promote their already existing products. Many business people and organizations have taken a gradual shift towards social media presence. These promotions and advertisements will help in generating revenue as they are all chargeable.  

What is an Instagram clone?

 Instagram clone is an alternative to the already existing Instagram. This Instagram clone is a ready to use app available with all features as same as Instagram. The entrepreneurs looking to launch their app like Instagram do not want to create any comprehensive coding as it is already available to launch in the market. This cloned app is white-labelled, and it can be customized with desired name, logo and theme. Here are the features that are readily available in Instagram clone:

  • Easy registration:  

The users can sign in using their email address, contact number, or register through their Facebook account. Once registered, the users will get their credentials to log in to the account.

  • Creating a profile:

The users can upload their picture and create a profile with their desired words. The profile displays their user activity with several posts posted, and the number of followers earned.

  • Posting Photos and videos:

By creating a profile, the users can upload their photos and videos. The users can post multiple photos and videos at the same time.

  • Managing the security of the accounts:

The Instagram clone app ensures the safety and privacy of the users. It also gives the users those who are concerned about their privacy by restricting the display of their photos only to the known followers. 

  • To share their stories:

The users can also post stories that the followers of the users can view. These stories will be displayed at the user’s account for 24 hours, after which it disappears.

  • Text messages:

The users can send direct messages to their friends or relatives or someone on their follower’s list. It is an instant messaging feature where both the users can text each other simultaneously.

  • Search panel:

Through the search panel, the user can search other profiles of the app users.

  • Get Notifications: 

The app also sends a notification to the users to keep them engaged with the latest posts and news.

The revenue model of Instagram clone app:

 Gaining profits will be the ultimate goal of the entrepreneurs. Developing an app and launching it on the market involves investment. The RoI is the crucial term for entrepreneurs to consider. Here are the unique features that yield income for app owners.

 The Instagram clone will work on the following models:

  • Running advertisements in the app will result in good profits
  • Posting lead advertisements for business sales  
  • Commissions for using the ecommerce store available in the app

On a concluding note,

The Instagram clone app will be an enchanting option for the visionaries looking to launch their social media app like Instagram. Approaching the right team of developers will result in a successful launch of the app in a short period.

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