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Can you ever spend a day without texting? No. As individuals, we largely depend on messenger apps for communication. In simple words, there is no single day passing without its presence. Messenger apps have become quite popular among people. The instant texting of messages is what it offers, providing space for the users to text simultaneously. Apart from sending messages to friends or relatives, it is also used for business purposes.

Apps like Whatsapp have gained a lot of users in recent years. With this, Whatsapp becomes one of the most popular apps among people. It offers end-to-end encryption with the support of a good Internet connection. It started its services in 2009 by providing services for iOS, and later, it offered services to Android users. The Statista report of the year 2020 points out that there were around two billion active users every month. An Android user spends an average of 38 minutes on WhatsApp per day. Its popularity is spread to 180 countries across the world. The launch of Whatsapp came as a ray of light for the users.

 Have you ever wondered what makes Whatsapp so popular? If you could not find the answer, here it is:

 Enchanting features of Whatsapp:

  • It is unique and offers a wide range of facilities that no other apps could offer. It provides a platform for us to send text messages free of cost.
  • Authorization- the users can register themselves by providing their mail id and contact details. 
  • Profile- The users can set their profile by adding their photos which can be viewed by others.
  • The contacts get saved through their mobile numbers. This saves time for searching the usernames.
  • Group chat options to send text messages in the presence of large groups.
  • Business chat option for entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers.
  • Available for both iOS and Android users.

Whatsapp clone app:

 Followed by the popularity of Whatsapp, there is high scope for messenger apps. This has led entrepreneurs to seek out opportunities to build an app like Whatsapp. An app like Whatsapp can be built using the Whatsapp clone.  

Whatsapp clone is a ready-to-launch app that can be developed with all necessary features similar to Whatsapp. The best part about this app is that it saves time as entrepreneurs do not want to invest their time writing codes for the app. This Whatsapp clone is a white-label solution through which you can replace the logo, theme, and titles. You can also add your ideas and thoughts to the app development. The developers offer customized services for the users. The Whatsapp clone comes with a segment for business that is specifically built for customer specifications. Through this business option, the messages are sent with end-to-end encryption.

Points to be considered for developing an app like Whatsapp:

 To develop an app like Whatsapp, you need to consider the following steps,

  • Opt for a Business model:

 A proper business model has to be worked out. This is the first and foremost step before developing an app like Whatsapp. Jot down the features which you would like to offer. Proper planning of a business model will result in the successful execution of the app.

  • Focus on your target audience:

 In this phase, you should decide on your target audience who will be using your app. Youngsters will highly prefer an app like Whatsapp, and business people also prefer Whatsapp over other apps.

  • Revenue model:

 To generate revenue, you have to work on options to get so. By running advertisements and by providing premium offers, you can get some profit. Remember that a business is meant for gaining profits. So be careful while developing this feature. Some of the revenue-generating features are P2P payments, Purchasing of stickers and advertising 

P2P Payments-This provision is available in Whatsapp where the users can transfer money to other users in the contact list, where a part of the money will go to Whatsapp which acts medium for the transaction to take place.

Purchasing of stickers– A provision for the users to purchase their desired stickers by making a payment. 

Advertisement– Letting Whatsapp to display advertisements on the page.

  • Market analysis:

 Do market research to know more about the market. Understanding the market will help you to know your competitors. Everyday you have to go on pace to know about your presence in the market.

The last step is to hire developers to launch your product in the market. Now it is the time for you to analyse the output and reach of your app in the market.

Summing up,

 The demand for Messenger apps has stricken a chord among the entrepreneurs to develop an app like Whatsapp as it is pretty popular in the market. Through Whatsapp clone script, develop your messenger app and enter the market. It is important to select a good team of people who can work on developing your app. Select the best developers who are pioneers in app development.

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