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How much does it cost to develop an On-demand Salon app?

People who are extremely conscious of their appearance and looks will get access to a high level of comfort and convenience by utilizing an on-demand salon booking app. Certified and trained beauticians, haircutters and makeup artists are available round-the-clock to render their high-quality personalized beauty services at an affordable cost. 

The global demand for salon and beauty services will be worth a whopping $190.81 billion by 2024 with a 5.80% growth rate every year.  Hence, entrepreneurs can successfully achieve their business goals by creating an Uber for salon app development solution in partnership with a competent app development company. 

Smoothly operating Android and iOS apps, a user-friendly web panel, and a state-of-the-art admin dashboard will be provided to the entrepreneurs in a lightning-fast manner.

How entrepreneurs benefit immensely from an Uber-like app for beauty?

  • Can expect huge demand – for exclusive personal grooming services from college students, brides, bridegrooms, and working professionals. This will lead to regular bookings and greater sales.
  • Important factors like – an increase in disposable income of customers, growing smartphone usage, and better access to the Internet. 
  • A robust business model is present – in the on-demand salon booking app. It is packed with various revenue streams like subscription plans (monthly and yearly), publishing advertisements, transaction processing charges, booking cancellation fees, and a commission from beauty therapists for the entrepreneurs.
  • Double-digit growth is predicted – for entrepreneurs from offering salon services in countries like India, China, Japan, and regions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. People are willing to spend heavily on availing of different personal care services in these locations by using branded products.

What is the detailed methodology followed to establish an Uber for salon app development solution?

  • Recognizing the business goals and operational scope planned by the entrepreneur for entering the lucrative salon industry.
  • Studying the functioning of different types of salons in the market and the strategies they implement to attract customers.
  • Developing a well-functioning Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with all the basic functionalities.
  • Adding all the needed features in the full-fledged version of the On-demand salon booking app.
  • Rigorously testing the Uber like app for beauty by viewing its performance, speed, and security.
  • Launching the Uber for salon app development solution officially in the target market. The entrepreneur can start accepting beauty service bookings from the customers.
  • Implementing digital marketing campaigns across numerous communication channels for maximum business traction. 

The different facets influencing the total budget for developing an On-demand salon booking app

The kind of tech stack used – It comprises different tools like Apache, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Analytics, Google Cloud, Google Maps API, jQuery, Kotlin, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Swift, and Twilio. 

Third-party API integration – Seamless integration is provided with different payment systems like PayPal and Stripe for quick settlement of funds.

The salary paid to the developers – The professional development team will demand a specific rate for their services depending on their location, market conditions, qualifications, skill-sets, and work experience.

The development duration – The timeframe for development can range between just a few weeks to a couple of months.

The extent of cross-platform compatibility – Adequate flexibility is ensured for the customers and the beauticians. The Uber-like app for beauty can be deployed on different operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows.

The level of customization required by the business firm – A personalized Uber for salon app development solution is provided for the client enterprise for showcasing its brand name, color theme, and logo.

The type of features – The cost may increase depending on the complexity of basic and advanced features included in the on-demand salon booking app for the users, beauty therapists, and the admin. 

Futuristic trends that entrepreneurs must watch out for while creating an Uber-like app for beauty

Skinimalism – People are taking more care of their skin and using minimum makeup on their faces. This ensures that users get glowing skin by utilizing natural makeup products.

Retro nails – Manicure services will be highly demanded by customers who want to incorporate the 70s and 80s trends into their looks. 

Liquid lipstick – It ensures that the lipstick stays for a long time without getting erased when people remove their face masks. Once the users have put on the liquid lipstick, they need not make any touch-ups.

Antibacterial haircare products – The more customers travel, the more unkempt their hair will be. Antibacterial hair care accessories are coming in various forms like gels, shampoos, and sprays to remove all kinds of germs and microbes.

Beauty care products with blue light protection – Due to increased usage of smartphones and other gadgets, the eyes and skin of people get damaged due to exposure to the powerful blue light. New products made with algae, turmeric, and rosa rubiginosa are emerging in the market to combat the dangers of blue light.

Final Thoughts 

Entrepreneurs can offer various high-end services like beauty, facial, hair care, skincare, massage, nail care, tanning, and waxing by procuring an Uber for salon app development solution. The white label on-demand salon booking app is completely flexible and adequately scalable. It can also be quickly deployed in the market enabling the entrepreneurs to fulfill all their objectives successfully. 

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