Why would a drone be following me

in this era of technology, drones are not far behind. There are numerous innovations coming up in the new world of technology that human beings were unaware of in recent times. Cars are going to be electric, robots are replacing the intensive labours, AI is doing wonders in technological world. Drones on the other hand were introduced as a pilotless aeroplane. The sole purpose back then was to save the pilots from dying in a plane crash.

However, with the passage of time and the advancements in technology, the drone industry has also taken a step further. The features of the drones have upgraded whereas the roles they had to play, have changed too. Let’s talk about the features and roles of this innovation. 

Advancement In The Features Of The Drones

1 FPV Drones

The dream of flying a jet without a pilot have somehow fulfilled, The First Person View ( FPV ) is the phenomenon of flying a drone while watching a live transmission from the drone camera into your mobile of the VR goggles, or a build-in screen provided with some of the drones’ controller.

2 Follow me Feature

This feature guides the drone to follow you while it is flying, It completely focuses on a single person while maintaining its safest distance from the person and avoiding any potential bumping into that person head. This feature also helps the pilot to go handsfree from controlling the drone through controller. Follow me is the advanced feature in high end as well as some low end drones. This is truely helpful for the beginner pilots as they face trouble in controlling their drone baby.

 3 Direct Transfer Of Data To Mobile Or Laptop

Nobody wants to stuck in the old fashioned method of transferring data through external devices like data cables or USBs.. For this very reason, drones are now offering live data transfer technology from drone to your mobile or a laptop via Bluetooth. This saves a lot of precious time to just transfer the 

4 4k Video Recording

The video that used to be recorded in 720 or 1080p has now boosted to 4k, which has enhanced the resolutions and frame rate of the videos. More details and real-life imagery have replaced the old-fashioned blurry low-resolution graphics. This has changed the habit of the audience witnessing the video on their TVs or laptop, they want more clear more sophisticated video than before.

How The Application Of Drone Technology Have improved

We will now try to figure out the roles that are being played by the drones in real world. There was a time when it was just a child play, now those times have gone. Their applications have changes according to their capabilities. 

Drones are different for the beginners then for a professional. Their applications in the event covering, film making, agriculture as well as supply chain have amazed the world.

1 Event Covering

Weddings are the most beautiful moment of somebody’s life, there used to be a normal cameras of photographers to cover the event, now the drones have changed the dynamics of the wedding or any other event covering. The shots taken by the drones are loved by the people, especially the aerial shots.

Follow me feature as discussed earlier focuses on a couple and make them feel especial like never before. The aerial shots of the guest in the garden are necessary ones too. They are shot to give warm welcome to the guests.

2 Film making

There was a time when helicopters were arranged to take aerial shots of the heroes during a film shooting. The action films were using them most to record the actions like jumping from the tall buildings etc. The helicopters were costly and shots used to be vague sometimes, This gap in the film industry was fulfilled by the drones that have completely remove the need of expensive helicopter usage for the producers. List of drones parts and price is a cheaper and yet reliable tool for the directors and the film family.

3 Agriculture

Farmers and landowners have changed their way of agriculture by adopting this technology, They are now saving their time and effort to crop. Farmers easily monitor the empty space in the land, or the line and length of the canals are checked by them easily. Agriculture has reported being benefitted humongous from drone technology by 2025.

4 Supply chain

As the covid19 have impacted badly the supply chain, people have started to think creatively . They are worried how their supply chain can remain intact in the worst case scinarios. So that the business can carry on without any sort of hinderance, there is also a question that how will drone impact the supply chain if this technology is put to use. As the giants like Amazon have launched the drone army to deliver the product to its customer in a minimum time possible.

Concluding The Discussion

It is worth noting for developing nations to look for greater usage of technology in their daily life. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or middle eastern countries can use drone technology to reduce their time wastage and extra efforts, Especially agricultural countries like the subcontinent can utilize this innovation to increase their yield in minimum efforts and cost. As the hunger is increasing day by day and the resources are getting less so, it is high time to look for alternatives in everyday life. 

After getting through all the facts discussed above, one can not deny the potential of this tech. From film making to agriculture, land mapping to supply chain  all are potential customers of the drone makers. Someone has rightly remarked that water finds its own way, I want to say that the technology finds its own ways to be utilized and become part of our lives. So, to avoid time loss and saving extra efforts technology should be used in a right manner.

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