Why Flutter is the Prime Choice For Most App Developers Throughout the World?

Want to launch a mobile application with cross-platform development? If yes, then Flutter could be the best option for developing cross-platform mobile applications. In the recent period of time, mobile app development is experiencing a noteworthy transformation due to increased demand for mobile apps, the introduction of advanced technologies, frameworks, solutions, and processes. Flutter has gained a lot of attention from businesses as well as developers as it allows creating high-quality mobile applications with native interfaces. It has become one of the key choices for cross-platform app development and this is the reason why there is a surge in the demand for Flutter development services in the market. If you are wondering what Flutter is and why it’s called the best cross-platform solution available in the market today. Here is certain important information related to Flutter:

What is Flutter?

Well, Flutter is a free and open-source mobile app Software Development Kit (SDK), supported by Google. It is a leading technology that lets developers create beautiful, highly functional mobile applications (for both iOS and Android) with native interfaces using a single code base. Due to its native user experience, flexible UI, expressiveness, and remarkable quick loading time, a number of businesses are making a quick move towards Flutter app development and finding it a beneficial approach to hire Flutter developers for developing cross-platform mobile applications. 

Key Facts About Flutter 

  • Supported by Google, Flutter is a reactive cross-platform framework.
  • Unlike other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter app development services utilize Google’s Dart that eliminates the bridge of JavaScript. 
  • Flutter has its own widgets therefore it does not utilize the OEM widgets or DOM Web Views.
  • Flutter along with dart allows direct communication with native components, thereby facilitates flawless user experience on applications. 

Benefits of Flutter Development

Flutter is an amazing platform to create outstanding, elite, and highly versatile applications that can fit a business’s custom needs and prerequisites. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing Flutter over other cross-platform solutions for app development projects, have a look:

  • Quick Code Writing: Flutter facilitates faster and more powerful application development. Developers can easily create changes in the code and see them immediately in the application. This is called Hot Reload, where changes can be made in seconds to fix bugs, create highlights, or just for trial purposes. Hot reload is quite beneficial especially when the designers and developers need to improve or try various things with an app’s appearance and want to see the results for the same on the spot. 
  • Ideal Choice for an MVP: An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is a description or we can say the version of a product with all the key features to enter the market and get reviews from the early adopters. The feedback can be utilized to further form a strategy for product development, add features and create a final product. It is a good idea for businesses to build their MVP with Flutter. It allows developers to create an application that works on both Android and iOS platforms in a short span of time to show it to the investors. This way it saves both time and money by eliminating the need of creating two separate applications. Also, it gives a clear idea to the investors what how the final product will look like and they can make the investment decision quickly and easily. 
  • Flutter Has Its Own Rendering Engine: Flutter allows developers to perform different experiments and do much stuff with the application, which otherwise is not possible with other platforms. In order to incorporate various stuff, the framework should be much powerful and sturdy. Flutter makes use of ‘Skia’ for representing itself onto a platform. With the help of this engine, Flutter can be launched virtually on any platform. The developers are not required to make any changes in the UI to transfer it to a platform, which ultimately simplifies the entire development process to a great extent. 
  • Faster Time to Market: As compared to other frameworks, the Flutter development framework functions much faster in an efficient manner. When compared to an app developed separately for Android and iOS platforms, the Flutter app development process takes at least two times fewer hours, which makes it a more efficient and quicker app development framework. The reason behind the quick development process is that the developers are not required to write any platform-specific code to get the desired results in an application. Besides, Flutter offers a declarative API for creating UI, which further enhances the app performance. 
  • Variety of Widgets: Another key benefit of Flutter is that it comprises a variety of widgets that can be utilized by the developers to create attractive, easy-to-use, highly functional, and efficient applications for various platforms. The developers can even build customized gadgets for Flutter applications in no time. Apart from this, Flutter makes use of Dart programming language that eliminates the requirement for Flutter to get access to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) widgets. This further helps in accelerating the development process and diminishing any application performance-related issues.
  • Huge Community Support from Worldwide: Flutter has emerged as one of the prime choices for mobile application development throughout the world. Presently, a lot of developers prefer Flutter for developing unique applications. Moreover, Flutter is supported by Google, it has a huge community consisting of highly experienced developers from all over the world. So, if the developers have any doubts or queries related to the Flutter app development, they can post their inquiry on the Flutter development network and receive a quick response for the same. 


Looking at all the benefits that Flutter offers, it is clear why Flutter is the key choice for developers when it comes to building unique, attractive, and highly functional mobile applications for Android and iOS. It not only enhances the developer’s efficiency but also saves a lot of their time in creating an app. 

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