An Ultimate Guide to Improve Phone Battery Life

Mostly Smartphone and tablet batteries are made up of lithium-ion or lithium-polymer, they are used because anytime it is good to charge your phone battery. Lithium-ion mobile batteries are no removable, so you have to care for and maintain them properly. We are using our mobile for doing almost all kinds of tasks that is why we have to use it strategically so that we conserve energy and extend the phone battery life. If you don’t care about your phone battery then in long run it may happen that you have a need for lg g5 battery replacement. In this article, we are discussing some strategies which truly help you to conserve energy.

Reason to Improve Phone Battery Life:

1. Mobile technology is vast and every day we see a new advanced feature of mobile phone launches. Day by day our demand increasing and we want to do our work in less time by using these smart gadgets. Smartphones are the most useful device in our daily personal and professional lives. Nobody in the world in this digital world without a phone, every age group can have this device.

2. In past years mobile phones were just phones and had somewhat limited capabilities, there was less functionality to consume the phone’s power which meant that the batteries were able to last long on a single charge in the day. But now we do almost every work on the device so we need battery backup or power bank for completing our work in less time.

3. Every year mobile phones evolved into smartphones and the functionality increased over the years, the power and battery consumption have also increased at a point where some smartphone batteries need more than one charge to get the heavy gaming and watching content on their smartphones.

There are Useful Tips to Increase Phone Battery Life:

1. Use Lite Version of Apps: 

If you are using apps on your mobile then you should know that these apps update their content all day and contribute to the battery draining. Everyone uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Messenger for social connection, and business. We have to use the lite version of these apps which are designed to consume less battery of your phone. 

2. Always keep your Battery Charged:

 Don’t let your mobile battery power down Always try to keep the charge battery at least 50 percent all the time. While you charge your phone don’t constantly plugin and it is good to unplug when the battery charges 100 percent. You should charge the phone in a periodic manner so that it will not drain to zero.

3. Active Airplane Mode whenever possible:

 It helps to conserve your battery when you have no charging option and your battery running low. Airplane Mode closes all radio signals which are coming to and going from your device inhibit the flow of email, messages, phone calls, mobile data, wifi connection, and Bluetooth connections. It not possible to on an airplane in this digital world but whenever possible or you are not using you at all. 

4. Update your Mobile Apps:

If you update your phone from time to time it will help your phone battery life. There are two methods to update your mobile apps: automatically or manually whichever comfortable for you is good to maintain the latest version of these apps. The reason is that why developers update apps are to optimize memory and battery capacity. You should keep your phone up to date you really required to use.

 5. Use Dark Wallpaper:

To save the phone battery life, use dark wallpaper because the screen consumes energy by doing this less power is needed to run your phone. Running wallpapers uses more battery power than stable ones. If you’re really concerned about battery life, a stable style is better.

6. Use Dim Light Screen as Possible: 

Always use screen brightness to the dimmest level as you’re comfortable with it. There are automatic brightness settings available on your phone you can use that according to your need. It’s up to you that when you are on the dark side you need less brightness or when you are in the sunlight area you need more brightness you can adjust it manually or automatically.

7. Disable location Services:

These apps help you to track your destination area and make you comfortable to reach your destination. They are consuming a lot of battery of your phone so you have to use them cautiously whenever required only.

8. Ditch the Widgets: 

All Android and iOS widgets are not convenient for your everyday multiple widgets using the internet – social media, mail, weather continuously sync and update their data. They are playing a major role in draining the battery of your mobile. You should remove the excess and unneeded widgets mainly internet-using ones. 

10. Disable Vibration Mode whenever Possible: 

Vibration can be useful in some situations, but constantly enable them can depress your battery life. To disable them, go into your settings and switch off vibration alerts for incoming calls, messages, alerts, and all notifications.

12. Disable Background App: 

Uninstall or disable all background app so that your battery life will not be affected by them. You can go to your phone setting and uninstall them.

13. Turn on the Power Saving Mode:

 Both iOS and Android cell phones and tablets give you the option of power-saving mode that helps to adjust automatically your settings and use the least amount of charging operate. By activating this low Power Mode your gadget deactivate all nonessential features.

14 Keep your Device in Proper Temperatures: 

You should charge or store the device in high temperatures can cause extreme damage. It may damage your device permanently. 

15. Check Notification Settings:

These days all the apps use Push Notifications. When you constantly check these notifications your mobile battery keeps drain which will affect your gadget battery life also. 

Final Words

 If you are frustrated with the list of fixes of Phone battery life then the lg g5 battery replacement becomes necessary. We know that it is a crucial part of your gadget and if it doesn’t perform like it did when new. We assure you that we will not disappoint you after visiting us. For more than 17 years, Esource parts supported 300 million customers to repair and replace the parts of these particular tech devices as you love most your phone.

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