Increase business productivity by tracking employee’s during working hours

Business firms are facing huge losses due to the unprofessional behavior of their employees during working hours. The productivity of a business organization is the backbone of any business. Therefore, employers are reluctant enough to know what employees are doing on business devices during working hours.

What sort of devices do employers need to track for business productivity?

The top 3 digital devices that every employer needs to track to measure the productivity of an employee.

  •  Cell phones 
  • PCs 
  • Mac computers 

Cell phones seemingly are not precious to improve productivity, but these are the ones that are responsible for the low productivity of employees during working hours. Employers use business phones provided by the company during working hours. They use it for text messaging, conversations, calls, and voice calls by using messaging apps.

Further, PCs are laptop and desktop devices running with windows OS are largely responsible for business operations, data storage, and many other activities.

MAC computer devices are very precious devices particularly used by executives. You have to monitor all these devices to know what exactly employees are doing during working hours.

Why track employee’s phones, PCs & computers to improve productivity?

Several reasons force business owners to keep a secret eye on business devices. Let’s discuss the top reasons for tracking employee’s productivity one by one. 

Time wasting activities of employees

More than 33% of employees in business firms are goldbrickers that waste a minimum of 3 hours a day. It could destroy any business productivity, and employers need to know what exactly they are doing on their phones, PCs, and computer devices. Employers can use the phone tracker on a business-owned mobile device to record and listen to live calls, read messages, and get logs of social messaging apps during working hours. 

How phone tracker works on business phones? 

Users need to subscribe for cellphone tracker and get the credentials via email. Further, get the target device in your hands and start the installation process. Moreover, complete the installation successfully and activate the application target device. Further, activate the features that empower you to monitor cellphones of your employees to the fullest. 

Top features of phone tracker you need to know 

  • Call recording 
  • Text messages 
  • GPs location 
  • IM’s spy 
  • Screenshots 
  • Screen recording 

Data breaching activities of employees

Employers are facing data breaching activities on business owned computer devices. Employers can manage productivity by using windows tracking software. It empowers you to capture screenshots, screen recorder, and surround recoding and data backup. Employers can watch every activity of employees on windows devices. It enables employers to know what exactly employees are doing on business owned PCs to the fullest. 

Windows tracking software features you need to know

  •  On-demand screenshots 
  • Live screen recording 
  • Email tracking 
  • Surround recorder 
  • Live camera spy 

Employee’s communication on messaging apps

Employers can watch communicational activities on computer devices running with the Mac OS devices. Users can perform live screen recording on mac to know to whom employees are talking on social messaging apps and how productive they are during working hours. Mac tracking software has plenty of features that enable employers to know what employees are doing on computers with time schedules and documented proofs. Employers can block time-wasting websites of employees during working hours

MAC tracking software features you need to know: 

  • MIC bug 
  • Camera bug 
  • Keystrokes logging 
  • Block websites
  • Screenshots 

How tracking app for cellphones, windows & mac works? 

Do you want to improve the productivity of your business? Yes, you can increase business productivity, but you need to subscribe to TheOneSpy by visiting the official webpage.  You need to choose the subscription against the devices. Follow the operating systems of the devices. 

Suppose you want to get a phone tracker then you need to visit the webpage and then get the subscription. You will get the credentials in terms of password and ID and get physical access to the target device and start the installation process. You need to complete the installation process and get access to the dashboard. Further, activate features to know what employees are doing on business phones.


TheOneSpy is the best pc spy software for employers for keeping an eye on employees during working hours to improve productivity. 

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