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When it comes to recruitment there are various layers involved.  It is essential to understand the very basic question i.e what is recruitment? The answer to this question is simple yet complex. Recruiting an employee means adding new hands to the workforce which can assist in increasing the productivity of the organization. As simple as it may sound but it is an imperative task to choose the right candidate for the required position. The contribution made by the employees sums up the organization’s performance.

Let’s delve a little further and discuss how technological advancements have enhanced the recruitment experience for both the applicants and the HRs:

Job opening 

The answer to what is recruitment begins with the emerging need to increase the workforce in an organization. The human resource management team is notified about the requirement of more hands in the organization. HR frames the joband description and plans layers of interview rounds to scale the one compatible candidate for the role. Once the job description is framed, a job description is posted on outsourcing platforms allowing the applicants to apply for the vacancy.

There are several platforms in India dedicated to posting job requirements such as Linkedin,, etc. These portals allow the candidates to forward their resumes and apply for a suitable role. Once requirements are posted on these platforms applications start to flood in. technologically advanced applications such as HR software assist in filtering these applications. The software filters the application in accordance with the required qualification. This assists the HRs to scale the compatible candidates and communicate to schedule further rounds of interviews.

Recruitment assignment

Candidate sourcing

After the pre-screening of the candidates, certain organizations tend to plan the second round of the interview by assigning them tasks. This task imparts the potential of the applicants. The HRs explain the assignment and allow them a certain period of time for submission.  Following which a virtual interview is scheduled for the eligible candidates to scale out one potential candidate for the role. HR software plays a vital role in planning these assignments and coordinating with the applicants. The HRs are empowered to send bulk emails to all the candidates. 

Pre-boarding and onboarding

The candidate’s life cycle begins with the selection of the candidate. The candidate receives an offer letter with a brief description of the key responsibilities and the CTC amount that will be given at the end of each month. The pre-boarding procedure begins after the candidate has accepted the offer from the organization. The pre-boarding procedure involves background verification. This verification confirms that the candidate has provided genuine details assuring that his/her qualification is eligible for the job. Pre-boarding has been considered as one of the most feasible options after the pandemic. Web-based applications such as HR software have smoothened these functions. It empowers the candidate to log in using the credentials provided by the IT team and upload the required documents. It decreases the room for error minimizing possibilities of unannounced chaos due to incorrect data.

The onboarding procedure is carried out when the candidate signs the appointment letter confirming that the candidate has joined the company.  The appointment letter briefly explains the CTC breakup defining the take-home amount that will be credited in his/her account. The newly employed candidate receives a handbook comprising of the policies of the organization. It acknowledges the fact that the employee is aware of the rules and regulations of the organization. With HR software the onboarding procedure has adapted towards a paperless approach. Instead of a handbook the newly joined employee is provided with the credentials of the HR software to access the policies set by the organization. 

These features ingrained in the HR software have solved the question of what is recruitment for numerous newly established enterprises. Thereby proving as a smart step choice as an entrepreneur. 

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