Tips And Resources For The Tableau Desktop Certified Professional Exam

Tableau is one of the fastest-growing data visualization software that transforms raw data into a visually impressive and interactive format. Using Tableau software and understanding its key elements is crucial for IT professionals to build their careers in the same field. 

The Tableau certification helps individuals gain a solid understanding of Tableau. It primarily focuses on applying their knowledge and skills in the real world rather than only sticking to theoretical learnings. 

Tableau Certifications

There are two different Tableau certificate technologies – Server and Desktop, categorised into three levels – Specialist, Associate, and Professional. The Tableau Specialist certification covers only the Tableau Desktop. 

Associate and professional level credentials include two certificates each, covering Tableau Desktop and Server. 

  • Tableau Desktop Certified Associate

This certification is ideal for individuals possessing a solid understanding of Tableau Desktop functionalities and holding a minimum of five months of working experience with Tableau Desktop. 

  • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

It requires individuals to hold a minimum of one year of experience using Tableau Desktop and related knowledge and skills at an advanced level. 

  • Tableau Server Certified Associate

Individuals with in-depth knowledge of Tableau Server functionalities and holding four to six months of working experience in Tableau Server are ideal for the Tableau Server Certified Associate certification. 

  • Tableau Server Certified Professional

Professionals with a minimum of nine months of working Tableau Server experience and a solid understanding of Tableau Server functionalities can take this certification. 

  • Tableau Desktop Specialist 

This credential enables individuals to gain a strong understanding of Tableau Desktop fundamentals and a thorough knowledge of data analytics to solve business problems. 

Tips And Resources For Tableau Desktop Certified Professional Exam

As mentioned above, the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional certification requires individuals to hold at least one year of working Tableau Desktop experience. 

This Tableau Desktop Certification demonstrates that professionals possess advanced skills in analysing unfamiliar and unknown data. Moreover, it also teaches how to determine the best possible approach to transform it into a visually impressive and coherent way so that the intended audience can understand. 

  • Tableau Desktop Exam 

To earn this professional-level Tableau Desktop credential, professionals have to appear for a three-hour proctored examination. In this exam, applicants have to provide practical solutions in Tableau Desktop for the given questions. Some questions may also require written responses. You will be given access to a starter workbook and a set of data files with pre-designed tabs. 

The exam is carried out on the Windows Virtual Machine, having a Tableau Desktop. The tableau certification cost is $600. To appear for the exam, applicants should be active Desktop Certified Associates. Before the exam starts, make sure that the network, computer, and physical environment are correctly set up. 

  • Exam Resources 

The suggested courses for the exam are Visual Analytics and Desktop III. Several resources are available on the internet to prepare for the examination. You can refer to: 

  1. Tableau’s official exam page for the exam details, its prerequisites, suggested training courses, and samples of questions and answers. Solving these questions is very significant, as they may help you in the main exam.
  2. Tableau’s visual best practices guidebook
  3. Tableau’s ‘Best Practices for Effective Dashboards’ page
  4. Tableau’s webinar series – ‘Building dashboards that persuade, inform, and inspire’.
  • Tips To Pass The Exam

Though the exam duration is three hours, the time flies quickly, as there are many topics to cover in the exam. Here are some valuable tips that may help you to qualify for the exam within the given time:

  1. Get hands-on experience with Tableau before the exam. Make sure you practice a lot and understand every concept deeply. 
  2. Ensure you use simple charts and adopt best practices for layouts, fonts, colours, etc. 
  3. Try to elaborate clean and neat views that are readable and understandable.
  4. Adding descriptive titles to the chart will be beneficial. Instead of giving a single-line title, elaborate it with a story. 
  5. Always solve questions that require less time, and later move on to solving the ones that consume more time. 


Koenig Solutions is an accredited training organization where you can see Tableau training. It also offers top-notch training for the Business Intelligence certification. More importantly, individuals can select the training dates comfortable to them. Moreover, you can opt for four hours or eight hours of training per day. 

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